Monday, January 23, 2012

The Pecans

While we were in Arizona, Kira asked my sister, 'Lene if she would take some pictures of Miss H.
'Lene knew a place not far from where she lived that would have some green in the grass and a beautiful rock wall for a background.
We ended up getting to 'Lene's house later in the day than we had planned on.
So, when it was time to start taking Miss H's pictures...

Well, she really wasn't in the mood just to set around.
and heck, Ham was could you not just want to squeeze him, and Miss H was going to hug on him as much as he would let her.

While 'Lene & Kira were busy chasing taking pictures of Miss H.

I found a childhood memory.
The Pecan Trees.
As I have mentioned I grew up in Arizona.
We had pecan trees around our home.
I can remember my dad climbing up in the trees and shaking them
until he had most of the nuts on the ground.

Our job was to gather the nuts from off the ground and put them in bags.
 I want to say they were gunny sacks.
But, everything is bigger when you are a kid.
As I walked around I found myself gathering the pecans,
squeezing two of the pecans together and cracking them open to get the meat out.

ALMOST as amazing as the pictures that 'Lene was able to capture
while I was crawling around taking pictures of the nuts!

Dang she is cute!
Good job 'Lene and I LOVED the location.


Cynthia said...

I can't believe how fast she's grown! Seems like she was just a baby and now look at that adorable 'big girl'!

I wanna try a pecan fresh from a tree! YUM!

Lene said...

I am surprised we got one picture of her. She is a busy little one.

And thanks for adding my butt to your blog. :)

Kayleen said...

Such cute pictures! Even the butt one! He He!!!! : )

Kelley said...

Haha! Love this post (and the comment...) that put a smile on my face. Looks like a gorgeous day... and when we retire, it'll be in Arizona when we're about 80! We LOVE Arizona!