Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Update and GO RED Reminder

Where did January 2013 go???
January came with very little BANG because to be honest it was just to darn cold to go outside and do fireworks. (though a couple of family members did set 1 or 2 off... or so they say. I was not going to go see.
Besides it being extremely cold in Idaho for the month...
what else happen...

Everyone had a touch or a week of the flu.
everyone is healthy now except for Miss C, who is fighting another ear infection.
Can we say "TUBES" soon!

And Miss EV is already 5 months old!!! How can she already be 5 months old!!!
I love this little girl she is so happy and is the most easy going baby.

ONE REMINDER before Friday, the first day of February gets here...

Don't forget to WEAR RED!


Read why this day is so important to me here:

I really like blogging...
I am not sure why I have been slacking on it.
I wish I could promise I would be better at it...
but that sounds like a January resolution.