Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whoa...I Think I Missed December?

I know that December came...I remember celebrating Derek's 23rd Birthday.
Even if I can not find the pictures of the terrible cake I made for him.

I know December came because I found out that neither of my little granddaughters like Santa.

I know that we had a great time playing Christmas bingo, eating and watching fireworks for Christmas Eve.

I know that I loved seeing our sweet grand babies in their matching dresses that Ali had made for them.

I know that by Christmas Day I no longer cared that the two little ones had removed all the decorations from the bottom of the tree. I was just happy that I was getting to watch them enjoy the "balls".

I know that I loved having all my kids home early Christmas morning even if they were up all night making doughnuts.

I know that seeing someone so tiny in awe of all the "things" under the tree wasn't as fun
as playing with a manger and baby Jesus.

I know that I loved watching  my  sweet little granddaughters opening their gifts and enjoying each other.

and I know that it was wonderful to spend Christmas day going to church with my family and being surrounded by the music and spirit of Christmas. 


Lene said...

Whew...I wondered where you were

Mindy H. said...

I'm glad you have some photographic evidence that you did, in fact, particiapte in December. And what a December it was!

Kelley said...

There you are! It's 24 January and how did I miss these earlier posts? Been praying for and thinking about you!