Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I do not know how many years we have had our own pumpkin patch.
It has always been my favorite part of the garden.
This is a picture from 2008, there is a post about it HERE.

This year Kirk tilled & sprayed the pumpkin patch. We had
 decided we were going to have a smaller garden,
smaller included no
  pumpkin patch!!!

So, without a personal patch it required us to go find another one.

Josh and Ali had taken Miss C to get pumpkins in Oakley, ID and told us how fun it was.

Today Kira needed to have pumpkins for her Young Women's activity.
So we took Miss H to go get pumpkins at the "fun patch".

It really was fun. A really nice gentleman came out and told us to climb up on the trailer and he would take us around the patch.
If we saw a pumpkin we liked  just "holler" and he would stop.
We yelled several times, picking out pumpkins we liked.

We would load them on the trailer, even Miss H had to put hers on the back.

Hazel found one we couldn't load.

The patch was full of all sizes and shapes.
When we were done picking our pumpkins we climbed back up on the trailer and got a ride back to the car with our orange treasures.

We had a great time, but it was really strange when we were all done to
for pumpkins.
I am saving seeds from these pumpkins so I can have a 
PUMPKIN PATCH next year.

Friday, October 19, 2012


A quality of Kirk's that I love is 
his love of adventure.
He just got home from diving off of the Island of Cozumel.

They go out on "dive boats" to where they are going to dive from.

On Sunday they went to the "mainland" to check out some of the ruins.

This is the Coba Ruins.

before leaving they spent one last day of diving.
They saw tons of different fish, including a shark & spotted eagle ray.
They also went through the a tunnel/cave called "Devil's Throat".
The video was pretty interesting... They had entered the cave at the top and exited the bottom,
As they went to the top of the cave again.. a 
"nurse shark" was heading into the cave!!! EEAAKKK!!

I sure missed him and am so glad he is home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Little Ladies

Josh, Ali and the girls came over the other night.
We were hoping to get a couple of pictures of the girls in their cute
BIG sister/ LITTLE sister shirts.

Miss  C does not like flashes from cameras so she was already covering her eyes.
Miss EV was just not in the mood.

Miss C let me get a picture of her
as Miss EV just wanted her momma.

After realizing we were not going to have luck with the pictures, the girls went and climbed into the snuggle chair to visit.
Grabbing our cameras we started to snap as many pictures as we could.
( My thought was we should get at least one good one)
The girls would sing
but still getting them to both look at the camera at the same time.
We even tried to sneak Miss EV in for a few of the shots.
Still no luck getting all the eyes looking up at the same time.
Soon, all were tired of the camera so we put them away.
But, I thought we got some cute little candid shots.

Look at our youngest little lady.
She is such a sweety and I can not believe how much she is changing.
She is so alert and sweet.
I am feeling pretty blessed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Made Me Smile

3 years ago I was spending my last night in Argentina.
If you were not following me then, you are welcome to ready about our stay at the Hostel.
(guaranteed to give you a smile)
Kirk and I had pushed two twin beds together.
I was coming to the end of an amazing adventure.

This morning when I checked out of my hotel room, I couldn't help but smile.
A BIG bed all to myself.
a BIG room with no strangers sharing it with me.
But, not near the adventure.

Yep, still smiling.
I have been a really lucky lady!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary to K y S

3 years ago
We were in Buenos Aries, Argentina
Kira and Sergio were being married for time and all eternity
in the Buenos Aries LDS Temple.

It was a crazy day...
To read the "long story" visit Kira's Blog.

Kira has always said she doesn't have any "real" wedding pictures
and in a way she is right.
But, there are some great candid shots even if the wind was blowing like crazy, 
we had just off a 14+ hour bus ride, 
taxi drivers not knowing where the temple was 
and arriving late...
I think Kira is a BEAUTIFUL bride and Sergio is a HANDSOME groom.

It was really nice that part of Sergio's family could be there 
and that Kirk was able to come to Argentina too.

On the bus ride after the temple was so funny.
I think people thought they were models or something because they were taking pictures of them!! FUNNY

and many more amazing, crazy, miraculous years to you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What I Have To Do To Heal

Sometimes you have to talk about something to start healing.

If you read my blog you know that my little Itsey died in February.
I still miss her.

Her puppy Reku  was born a little "special". 
He has always had a problem with long term memory and he has terrible anxiety issues. 
 Kirk was never very fond of Reku and from the time Itsey died Kirk kept telling me it was time to get rid of him, he didn't want anymore inside dogs.

I said something to my kids about it and they were like, you can't do that. 
You love Reku he is your buddy.
The grand babies love him.
The list went on and they were correct.

So, I just ignored Kirk's comments.
In August I couldn't take it anymore.
I knew I couldn't just give him to ANYBODY.
It had to be someone who would love him even with his silly quirks.

A very good friend of mine and told me that her in-laws had lost their little dog a year or so ago.
I called her and asked if they would still like a dog, and a "special needs" dog at that.

She said to bring him over and introduce him to them.
Without saying anything to my family I took Reku for a ride to meet some really nice people.

I knew Reku would not go to anyone else if I was still there.
So, I went to run a couple of errands. I had only been gone a few minutes when I got a call telling me that he was 'freaking out'. I was on my way back to get him when I received this picture...
and the message... "He likes him"
and that he was ok.
I finished running my errands and returned to pick Reku up.

His new family had already taken him home.
WHAT!!??? I didn't get to say bye!

When I got home Kirk came out and asked what was going on?
I just looked at him with tears running down my face and told him I hated him.

The next few days were horrible.
Miss H would set and call for Reku.
Miss C would run around looking for her and getting mad at me because I would not find him.
My family didn't want to talk to me because I had not let them say, "bye".

I know it was what I needed to do.
It has taken me a little while to adjust.
But, it is good.
I am ok.
I love Kirk and sometimes we have to really weigh both sides of things to keep communications strong in our marriage. I know it has meant a lot to Kirk to know that his feelings and opinion mattered to me. I know it will sound strange, but it really did help Kirk and my marriage and that my friends is worth it.

I am really grateful to a really nice couple for taking Reku and giving him a good home with lots of love and attention.
I get reports of how well he is doing. Does the heart good!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

What Does A Prophet Sound Like?

October 6th and 7th

Have you ever wondered what a Prophet's voice would sound like?
Abraham, Issac, Noah or even Moses?
Would you have believed the words of love, concern and warning that they would have given?
I have wondered that?
Would I have been one of them that would have laughed and pointed my fingers at them saying, 'Who do they think they are?" "Seriously, there are not prophet's on the earth!" Would I have been there willing to cast stones at them? Would I have been able to stand up to my friends and possibly even my family and say,
"I listen to them, I felt something and I am going to learn more and follow them?"

Were there ever prophet's on the earth?
and if there were...
Why would God, our heavenly Father, not still have prophets on the earth to guide us, council us, and even warn us?
I have a strong testimony that he does.
Our Father loves us! We are his children, the heavens are open.
He wants us to want Him.
This weekend WE all can have the opportunity to hear THE Prophet's voice.

I have learned that if I prepare myself to learn something during conference I will.
If there is a question in my heart, I will get direction to what I need to do.
I am grateful for that knowledge.

General conference is intended to be a revelatory experience as participants learn from living prophets and apostles through the power and influence of the Holy Ghost. Proper preparation will help ensure that you get the most out of your conference experience.