Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Aunt Bonnie has always been "into" family history...
I knew that we had some "royals" on our pedigree charts...
So, my question is...
If we have royalty down the line, why wasn't I invited to the "Wedding of the Century" so I could wear one of those cool hats??
Oh the choices....
Crazy and Regal

Did you have a favorite hat or one that you just  laughed at???

Family History
d/o My Dad & Mom
s/o Joseph Nathan Cowgur & Mabel Ruth Carlson
d/o John Sullivan Carlson & Anna Mariah Powley
d/o Charles Jacob Powley & Maria Babcock
s/o William Powley & Elizabeth Wright
s/o William Berrit Powley & Elizabeth Hoffman
s/o Jacob Powley and Annetje Van Vorst
d/o Jillis Van Vorst & Annatje Berrit
s/o Jacobus Jillis Van Vorst & Anna Beck
d/o Caleb Beck & Anna Mol
s/o Caleb Beck & Hannah Bolles
d/o Joseph Bolles & Mary Howell
s/o Thomas Bolles & Elizabeth Perkins
s/o Benjamin Bolles & Anne Goodrick
d/o Lional Goodrick & Winifred Sapcott
s/o John Goodrick & Anne Dymoke
d/o Lional Dymoke & Joan Griffith
s/o Thomas Dymoke & Margaret de Wells
d/o Lional de Wells & Joan de Waterton
s/o Eudo de Wells & Maud de Greystoke
s/o John de Wells & Eleanor de Mowbray
d/o John de Mowbray & Elizabeth de Segraves
d/o John de Segrave & Margaret Plantagenet
d/o Thomas Brotherton Plantagenet & Alice de Hayles
s/o Edward King of England & Margaret le Hardi of France (Longshank)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Beautiful Babies and Easter Dresses

I had to show off my granddaughters Easter dresses...
Miss Celes is thinking she needs to try walking,  I just push her down when she tries  I can't believe it.
I played with this picture in Paint because I thought it was so cute.
Her "Nana" and Mommy made her Easter dress. Isn't it just cute!
Josh and Ali sent these pictures of their Easter day.
Here is Miss C "walking" between her daddy and momma
Miss Hazel is getting big also.
When Kira ordered her dress from MilnerCity 
I thought oh that will be way to big for her...
but Kira had a better idea of what size Miss H would wear than I do, because
 as you can see it fits perfect.
she even was "talking" while taking pictures.
and the Rivadeneira family Easter picture
Yep, I think my little grand babies look beautiful.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Planting A Garden

With our forecast looking like this...
I am not sure I will ever get to till or start planting our garden...
Snow Showers 31 °F
Snow Showers
Snow Showers 40 | 27° F
Snow Showers
Saturday and Saturday Night
nt_partlycloudyPartly cloudy. Highs 44 to 52. Lows 23 to 33.
May 1, 2011
nt_partlycloudyPartly cloudy. Highs 50 to 57. Lows 27 to 37

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much Is Given, Much Required

"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required" Luke 12:48
This scripture has echoed in my mind for the past year. I know our heavenly Father loves us without condition.
I also know that in Luke 12:48 we are told that He requires much from us.
I will admit with all the blessings and miracles our family has seen in the past 11 months, I knew
something BIG would be required...I mean really how much more could He give one family.

They announced in church that we would be getting a new bishopric on April 17, 2011.
What is a bishopric?
The LDS Church position of bishop is most analogous to the position of a rabbi, minister, pastor, or parish priest in other denominations.
Bishops are assisted by two male counselors who collectively constitute the bishopric  and share responsibility for all ward organizations and programs.
The LDS Church utilizes a lay clergy, which means that members serve in their ecclesiastical positions—including that of bishop and his counselors do this without formal schooling and without pay.
Meet our new bishopric:
Bro. Hanks, Bishop Seibold and Bro. BURGESS
Yep, that is right...Kirk was called to be the 2nd counselor in our Ward's bishopric.
To say the least Kirk is overwhelmed,  feels inadequate, he can't believe all the meetings that they have and he keeps asking when will HE believe that he has been given this calling.
I know that our Father in heaven will help him as he grows and learns all of the responsibilities of being a counselor to the Bishop.
If you would like to know more about
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
you can visit:

Monday, April 25, 2011

17 Years

How can it be possible that it has already been 17 years?

I still remember that 1:15 am phone call from my brother
saying that she had passed away.
We knew it would be soon...
There had been no brain activity for several days,
and life support had been turned off  for over 24 hours.
But, my mom was always watching out for her children.
She knew it would be difficult for me if she passed away before Saturday morning,
 I was the Mini-Cassia March of Dimes Walk-America Chairperson and Saturday was the day of the walk.
My brother, Bruce kept asking if we could wait until after Sunday for her life support to be turned off...
He could not handle the though of loosing our mom on a Sunday.
and she waited...until 1:00am Monday morning.
I am sure it was not easy for her to stay in her sick body,
with a heart that had not been working well for 6 years.
I am sure that she knew it was hard for her 2 son's to lay their hands upon her head
 and give her a blessing that it was OK to go.
I am sure she knew her youngest daughter would struggle.
I am sure she knew that we would miss her and think we could not live without her.
But, she had taught her children well.
and even though 17 years ago we were not sure...
She knew we would be OK... and she was right.
You can visit here to see the qualities our mom passed on to us her children.
Love you mom, and miss you everyday.