Thursday, December 31, 2009

What is a Blue Moon and will you ever see it in your life time...

yes we have heard the words....once in a blue moon....well guys and galls tonight is your lucky day!BLUE MOON ON NEW YEAR'S EVE: Believe it or not, tonight's full Moon is a "Blue Moon." It's the second full Moon this month and the first Blue Moon to fall on New Year's Eve in nearly 20 years. Sounds like a rare excuse for a party...
There's more. In Europe, Africa and Asia, the Blue Moon will dip into Earth's shadow for a partial lunar eclipse. At maximum eclipse, around 19:24 Universal Time, approximately 8% of the Moon will be darkly shadowed:
Blue Moons are rare (once every 2.5 years). Blue Moons on New Year's Eve are rarer still (once every 19 years). How rare is a lunar eclipse of a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve?
A search of NASA's Five Millennium Catalogue of Lunar Eclipses provides an approximate answer. In the next 1000 years, Blue Moons on New Year's Eve will be eclipsed only 11 times (once every 91 years). A year of special note is 2848 when there will be two lunar eclipses in December--on Dec. 1st and Dec. 31st. Such a double-Blue Moon-lunar eclipse ending on New Year's Eve appears to be a millennium-level event. That's rare.

I love "", it has tons of information and pictures too.

2010 Word of the Year

What an amazing year 2009 was and my word was "WHATHE". HEHEHEE...though looking back...maybe it wasn't that bad of a word...I am still shaking my head at all that took place in our family. We have been blessed.

Thank you to each of you for reading and following my blog.

I wish each of you a happy New Year.

That the desires of your hearts will be reached and that health and safety will follow you through 2010.

lots of love,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No! Not Already

I never like when we take these pictures...because it means my family is leaving. My sister, 'Lene and her family came and spent Christmas with us.
Usually when they come it is for longer than a week.I believe I was in a state of shock when I realized they were really leaving. Thanks 'lene and family for spending your Christmas with us. BUT
The house was way to quiet and I miss you already!

My Greatest Chistmas Gifts

For me...well, I have to say, my favorite thing on Christmas is talking to my children.
Josh and Ali came over Christmas morning. It was fun to share part of their "first Christmas".
Kirk and I have had one child or another on an LDS mission for the past 3+ years. When you only get to talk to your missionary on Mother's Day and Christmas that phone call becomes pretty darn important. Derek aka Elder Burgess was having a nice morning and was enjoying his box of goodies that arrived via Santa's USPS.
and though Kira's Christmas had not arrived in Argentina yet...
we had so much fun visiting with her and Sergio via the computer.

I had an awesome Christmas...
with my 3 amazing gifts...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Haven't I Been Blogging?

I have been having to much fun... my sister 'Lene has kept her blog current...yea, I would just post the same thing....heheee

Besides she take MUCH better pictures than I do...
Tell her I sent you...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yes I Am Pretty Excited!

'Lene sent me this about an hour ago!!
OH MY GOSH!!! SHE is almost here!!!
208 miles!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Hour Skype Chat With Kira

Do you know this Logo???
If you don't and you have family out of state, the country OR the CONTENT
it is amazing! I love skype!
On Sunday evenings Kira and Sergio go the the local Cyber to visit with us. I can hear and see her and KNOW that she really is O.K.Our conversation this week was as random as it could be, but I don't know if I have laughed so hard in a very long time.
I have to tell you about a part of our Sunday night conversation.
Kira starts by telling me she was setting outside the church and visiting with some other members while Sergio was in a meeting.
Everyone had left and she saw this bug on the ground. Kira is not afraid of she was going to take a closer look at it before she smashed it with her foot.
As she bent down this bug that she called a
(somewhere between a cochroach, grasshopper and wasp)
Looked her right in the eyes

she said that she quickly ran to the stairs and set down...watching the

most powerful bug walk away...keeping its eyes on her the whole time.

I said, "you know TAEKWONDO, you could take it".

She quickly said, " NO I am pretty sure he could have bit my head off."

" that must have been a powerful bug"

all the while I was wondering if this was the same day she had cleaned her bathroom.

You really need to visit her blog for that story!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tour

My sister 'lene took us on a Christmas home tour on her blog . I thought it was such a cute idea. So like all good sisters I thought I would follow her example.
Many, Many years ago my mom and 'lene made tree ornaments with our names on them.
They ALL hung on my mom's Christmas tree.
When she passed away we were given our families names.
I was one of the lucky ones. All of my children were born before their grandma passed away.2009 added two more names to our tree. Though I am not as talented as my mom and sister, I added our newest family names. I love Nativity sets. This is the first set I bought, it was in 1983, the same year Josh was born,
at a "Home Interiors" Party. It is still my favorite.The next two Nativities are Kira's...because she didn't know she was staying in Argentina,
She found both of them while on her mission.
This little set my sister-in-law gave me last year, we had it set up in my hospital room!
My mice are from Home Interior too (1983)
Yep, that was my Christmas that year. I was perfectly happy!

Gifts from friends always hold special spots We were given this on Itsey's first Christmas.
hand painted by my sister in law, Monica. It is always at the top of our Christmas tree
The High School's FFA always sells poinsettias...
Isn't he CUTE! This is his 2nd year he is from my dear blogging friend Linda.
This is the tree Kirk and I went and got in the mountains.
It is in my entryway.
and is only 1/2 decorated
I could not find anymore LITTLE candy canes...
I KNOW...I will have it finished today.
My entryway stays decorated from December to February with snowmen.
Most are gifts from friends

Well, that is about it for excitement....I hope you are still awake...

How about a tour of your Christmas decorations!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorations Are Out

I mean really what else do you do when you have negative degree weather?
and it looks as cold as it says it is...
Yep, you grab the decorations...
This is the first time I have put all of my nativity sets together, I usually have one in each room of the house...
No, this is not the tree from the mountain, it is in the entryway with only 1/2 of its decorations
I am not sure why it has became so emotional for me to put up my Christmas tree but it is up and all I can say is...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Out Of My Comfort Zone

If you are like me and you see these...
your memory might be like mine and quickly snap you to the musical
"the Little Shop Of Horrors ":
and the Dentist, played by Steve Martin.
I swear this character was casted from my childhood dentist...
I want to go set in a corner and suck my thumb, rocking...make the bad man go away....


Yes, the song and characters still freaks me out so I could not post it on my blog...

With my love of lemons and my fear of dentist... My smile had very little to desire...

Even on some of my most happiest was hard to let my teeth show But, right before Josh's wedding I had a tooth that was really bothering me. I saw an ad in the local Burley paper, and asked a friend if they had heard of this dentist. They said they hadn't heard anything BAD, so I took a chance and made a phone call.

I am so glad I did!!

He fixed my tooth that was hurting and then asked me to come set down and visit with him... My son's wedding was in a week and I should have a smile to reflect how happy I was...
and Look at that smile he gave me for Josh and Ali's wedding!I have babied these little temporary crowns for 6 months (though they should have only stayed for 4 week ;o)
Even in Argentina I loved my teeth and SMILED A LOT!
Well, Saturday morning I woke to what I would guess was a very BAD night...I had pulled 1/2 of my temps out!! Broke right in the middle!
I called Dr. Neal Johnson's office and he was out of town, but would see me first thing Monday morning.
and I left the office SMILING again. THANKS DR. JOHNSON...
This smile is for you!
I travel at least 3 hours for most of my doctors
Trust me...he is worth the trip.
call his office at 208-878-4532
oh yes, tell him I said hi!