Thursday, July 31, 2008

What To Do With Zucchini

Our garden is starting to take off, especially the zucchini plants. We have learned over the years that you only need 1 or 2 plants NOT 10 or 20. The joke use to be, "be sure you lock your car door at church or you will come out to it with a zucchini squash in the seat!" Anyway...I can only stand to eat boiled, steamed or fried squash for so many meals and then what do you do...I like zucchini bread but tonight I was in the mood for cookies. This recipe I found in 2002 on the website recipegoldmine. I love it and use it every year. So, enjoy!

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies

1/2 Cup Butter
1 Cup White Sugar
1 egg
Cream for 5 minutes
2 Cups flour
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Soda
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon Ground Cloves
1 Cup Zucchini, peeled and grated
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
1 Cup Chopped Nuts

Drop by spoonful onto a greased cookie sheet.
Bake 350* 12 – 15 minutes Makes 3 dozen

(I didn't have any choc. chips so I used M&M's they turned out just perfect!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Was I Thinking!

I have a really bad habbit. That is if I get something in my mind. I don't stop until I achieve it...
So, we have this great little weekly mailer that goes out in our area every Tuesday. I enjoy the information that it shares, Mostly because it is just local stuff. It has a different place to eat featured each week, ok they have to review the same places over and over, but the "critic" does try something different each time he goes back. Also, there is a "Sound Off" page(s) that lets people whine about what ever is bugging them that week. I get my best laughs from it.
Anyway, I have been thinking for oh...since last March or April that this would be a great place to let parents know what was going on in the two school districts in our area. What fun activites such as carnivals, red ribbon week, ect were happening stuff like that. What do you think? Lunch menu, Weekly Announcments...get the picture.
Well, that was the pitch I gave the two editors...and believe it or not...THEY LIKED IT! So, MY first deadline is in two weeks! I haven't done anything like this since I was in High School, in other words a very long time!! But, I am excited and looking forward to a new place in life.
I will take any suggestions that you think you would like to see as a parent to help you manage your child's school week. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!

My First SPT

Thanks to Lelle I am officially a SPTer! I just couldn't wait for next week to start so I joined in on the last day of August's SPT.
I am not a big ice cream eater, maybe because we do not have a Bahama Bucks, or a Cold Stone Creamry or any of those "real" ice cream places. In our little town we do have Dairy Queen...granted I think it is ice milk, but they still make a really good hot fudge sundae.
and it wasn't bad at all. Now to go zing off the sugar buzz that I am having!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pay It Forward

I am going to play " Pay it Forward". I got this from Michelle. This is how it works folks. I am going to send something to the first 3 gals who comment on this post. Then those 3 gals promise to send something to the first 3 gals who comment on their posts and so on and so on. The something can be anything you made, bought, found or were given. Something you would like to receive. If you want to join the fun...PLEASE leave a comment and then post about the giveaway on your blog. Then send something to the first 3 who sign up. Who Wants To Play???

This will be lots of fun!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"It Is Meant To Be Drove"

"It is meant to be drove", was the comment from my nieghbor George as he stood at the front door telling me to come go for a drive.
He has rebuilt this fantastic 1953 Chevy Pickup.
He took me down the lane, and then came to a stop opened the door and said, "now it's your turn". I was a bit freaked out...ok this truck is a classic, it doesn't have a key, and in 4th gear I think we might have been going 15 miles an hour, it is a standard...and WHAT IF I CRASH! George, is so cool, his answer was, I built it once I can build it again...So I went for a drive. What a fun way to start my Saturday morning.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slow Down!

Early this morning as I was setting and checking my emails, my dog Itsey started just throwing the biggest fit. I yelled at her a couple of times and she would not settle down, it wasn't the "I need to go out" attention, but was acting like she was about to have a nervous breakdown. I had just picked her up to see if I could some how calm her down and there was a knock at my door. As I went to the entry way I could see my sweet new neighbor at the door and I could tell something was terrably wrong.
As she sobbed, my first fear was her husband...and as she finally got the words out...Sweetie...
Sweetie has been hit! As she caught her breath, I said, Let me call my vet... and I will grab the truck..I was running for the phone..."they hit her, she is dead", "WHY do they have to drive so fast on this lane??!!" As my eyes begin to fill with tears, my heart ached for her. It had only been a fews years back when my dog had been hit out front from someone speeding by. Sweetie was a 100 lb. White Lab. I called the neighbor boys a few houses down to come help me load Sweetie into the back of our truck. As my new neighbor cried, and asked the boys to be careful, these two great young men slowly lifted and covered her dog as if it were the finest of crystal.
My new neighbor explained that she would like to take her to the vet to be cremated, and so I dove as she went through all the emotions of grief...disblief, ANGER,and acceptance.
This big dog was her buddy, her fishing companion, and a part of her family.

Now, I know why Itsey was pitching a fit...she knew before I did something terrible had just changed our little neighborhood lane.

Busy day in Idaho Falls

My Sister in law is about to be a grandma, this will not be the first to call her "Nana" she has 12 grandkids. Eight of those children are accually nieces and nephews, but Pennie and her husband raised her 3 younger siblings after her mother passed away 30 years ago. She is an amazing mom, sister, wife and aunt...and Nana.
The newest member of the family will be here next month. They have picked the name Carson for him.

My nephew is serving a mission for the LDS Church. He is serving just outside Idaho Falls, so I went and checked on him! He only has 98 days until he goes home!

When I got home, I was tired but happy, and mostly grateful for being part of a wonderful family

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One of those days....

So, when nothing is happening what do you blog about? I have set here going o.k. so my life is quite dull...right now.
Hope you all doing WONDERFUL today.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you

Many of you have found me through my little sister Lene's

I want to thank you for making me feel so welcome here. I am so totally hooked!
Thanks again to Lelly,Linda,Bren,and to the many more I plan to get to know!

This is one of the few pictures of 'lene and I, when she was brand new. After 3 brothers, I was pretty darn excited to have my own little sister. And YES that is my real hair!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Homemade Fresh Potatoes and Peas

Kirk plants and takes such good care of our garden each year. Each evening when he gets home from work he spends at least an hour out in it. Pulling weeds, watering, and I believe secretly talking to it.
With the growning season a bit messed up in Idaho (we had snow in June!) we wondered if we would even get anything from our garden.

Tonight for dinner, he came in with our first profit from the garden, he proceeded to make homemade fresh potatoes and peas. OH MY GOSH, can I tell you, I could have ate several bowls of it.
I have said for the past 27 years that I married him because he was such a good cook, and he married me for lower car insurance.
Well, the proof is in the bowl. I wish I could send the aroma to you. He is a "dump and taste" kind of cook so the recipe would be:

boil fresh potates
add peas
boil with milk and make a flour rue.
Salt, pepper to taste

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Kirk thinks flowers are a waste of money...and I could have fresh flowers in my home everyday.
But this is what showed up at my front door. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Blue Roses...They are so pretty and unique.

It's Been A Long Time Baby!

It is hard to believe that today Kirk and I celebrate 27 years of being married!!
We were married in my parents back yard in Spokane, Washington. My mom went to so much work to make my day perfect. One week later she pulled it all off again at an open house in Idaho! She was such an amazing women.


We were married for time and all eternity in the LDS Idaho Falls temple July 10, 1982

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who Doesn't LOVE a GIVEAWAY!

Go to to enter!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Derek's New Mission Address

Derek's mission office address has changed
it is now:
Elder Derek Burgess
Indiana Indianapolis Mission
1980 E. 116th Street #200
Carmel, IN 46032

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lov'n Life

How can you not love this view

The Snake River

My piece of Heaven

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's my turn

I love reading blogs and so I thought...If I can come up with a name...the rest should be easy!
So, here I go, entering the blogging world!!

Please say HI!