Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broken Heart

Whew... where do I start?
If you follow my blog, you know that I have heart problems.

I had an appointment at the Heart Failure/Transplant office that I have been going to for the past 5 years.
Last week when I was at the doctors office...I must have had my rose colored glasses on when they told me they needed to see me again in a week for an appointment for the
"Cath" lab for the pressure of my heart to be check.
I knew my energy levels were low...but maybe I was just being lazy :o)
When they finished the "right cath. procedure they took me up to my hospital room, to start me on heparin and get ready to thin my blood to therapeutic.
When about 3 hours passed in walked my cardiologist and his "team".
He is a straight forward doctor I like that.
He said, Janiece, it is time to put you on the heart transplant list.
You are a perfect candidate and it needs to be done.

In the past two weeks they have ran all the tests that they need to to present me to the "transplant board" on Tuesday.

The support of Kirk, our children and family has been beyond words.
I have been so blessed.

I am going through emotional swings...I will be fine ... and then have a few tears.
The thought that someone will loose their loved one for me to continue to have mine is so difficult.
One of the transplant doctors made this comment "now their heart will not go to waste."
My thought was, True...
and I promise that I will not let it go to waste either.

Are we ready for another adventure?


Cynthia said...

I'm scared and excited for you. My friends lost their 8 year old son to a swimming accident. His donated organs (including his heart) saved the lives of 3 other children. His parents have openly said that the one bright spot in their grieving was knowing that their little hero had spared 3 other families the same pain. Knowing that part of him lives on helped heal their loss.

I can imagine you feel strange about the whole 'hoping for a heart' thing. I can see why. And yet, donating that heart that saves you may well be the thing that brings peace to the family losing their loved one.

linda said...

This is hugh news Janiece. I had no idea it had gotten to this point.

I certainly can see why your feelings are torn. While you will be rejoicing over the gift of life, another family will be going through the grieving process. The bright spot is that the family will be able to get some peace from the donation. It would bring me peace and joy knowing my loved one was able to live on and help another.

Hopefully you have my home phone number, if not, let me know. If you need to talk, call me! Please keep me posted and when the time comes, I'd love to come help you out at home. I know that's down the line but I'm serious!!

Take care friend and try and get some rest (although I know no one gets any rest in the hospital!)

Eva Gallant said...

Rest easy, girl. I hope all goes well and you have a new heart soon.
I know that sounds simplistic, but my thoughts and prayers are with yuou.

Connie said...

Wow, I gathered that you were having medical problems but didn't realize how serious they were. You are in my prayers that a donor heart will be found. You are in a tough situation my friend, it can't be easy to think about someone else losing their life so you can live.

Praying for tender mercies for you and your family.


My2ndHeartBeat said...


I'm sorry to hear that you need a heart transplant.

However, as a heart recipient myself, I'm here to tell you what a blessing it can be and it's certainly NOT the end of the world. I am living a good, full life with my new heart.

I also volunteer at my transplant center and visit heart transplant patients waiting in the hospital for a new heart, and also seeing those after they have been transplanted.

Mine journey has been incredible and it took lots of prayer and faith.

If you need ANYTHING, please feel free to conatct me.


Email =

Blog =

SAYDA said...

I am so sorry Janiece. I had no idea that all this was going on. I knew you were having problems, but I didn't know it had gotten this bad. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Lourie said...

I had no idea to the extent of your condition. Many prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. And your family.

To add to what the doctor said, not only will the heart not go to waste, it will live on. what a superb blessing.

parkithere said...

know i love you tons and we continue to pray for you...thanks for the calls and facebook is good...keep having faith...