Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

I hope your Easter Weekend was wonderful.
I spent my weekend giving a lot of though of the real meaning of Easter...
I was humbled...very humbled as I reflected on the life and death of our Savior.

Having family makes the holidays extra special.
Saturday morning was our ward's (church) Easter breakfast and egg hunt.

Miss H totally got into the egg hunt. She was so polite going to other eggs, when she saw others kids charging towards bunches of eggs. 

She loved having these two special men in her life helping her.

She made quite the "haul".
She really got into it when she saw that there was candy inside the plastic eggs.

After the hunt, she enjoyed opening her eggs. She LOVED the solid chocolate eggs.

We realized after we got to the church that we were all in matching clothes.

Saturday evening Miss C came over to dye Easter eggs.
The had lots of fun and we had really pretty eggs.

Easter Morning came with baskets of goodies, new Easter dresses and ties.

We were able to get a couple of pictures before leaving for church.

After everyone was done with their church meetings, all of the kids 
and their families came and ate turkey and enjoy the beautiful day.

I can not put into words how much I love these four people....
can't see the 4th person? Look up on the balcony :o)

My kids crack me up...
I don't think I have ever taken pictures of them and not had a few with them 
showing off their great personalities!

The girls where having a fun playing outside on the slide.

Miss E didn't come out because she has a little cold.
So, Ali hung out on the balcony watching the fun.

The girls loved chasing after the guys while they were playing disc golf around the yard.

Even the neighbor's dog wanted to get into the fun.

It was a wonderful weekend.
Memories were made.


Kira Rivadeneira said...

We had a blast with you. Thanks for all of the yummy food too! Love our family.

Mindy H. said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter. It looks like a good time was had by all!