Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It Is Official

We are pretty excited about Kira and Sergio's Announcement.
They are going to add a new member to the family!!!
Kira had kept this pregnancy pretty quiet... you can read more about her feelings on HER BLOG.
Plus watch the video of her telling Sergio!

Anyway.... back to my blog post (giggle)
I love ultrasounds of babies.
They amaze me.

At 20 weeks look at those little feet and perfect toes.

The details on the baby's nose and mouth.

SHE....yes a GIRL!
She was sucking her thumb and moving around while we were checking her out.
I just could not get enough of looking at her.
She already looks perfect.

Kira was ready to see that the baby was ok and was all grins as she moved around.

Little Hazel would just say, "baby".
Sergio's eyes were misty with just a few little sounds coming from him.
I was grateful to have got to be there for this special moment.

1st Family Picture with Sergio and his 3 girls.

Hazel is pretty sweet she carries the ultrasound pictures around showing the baby.
Miss L is due around July 12, 2013.

Have I said I LOVE being a GRANDMA? 
Because I do.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This ad has been showing up every where on the net (especially facebook)
I kept thinking... I NEED ONE OF THOSE.. or more...

Kira had just bought strawberries and I knew I had some GOOD dipping chocolate.
Not that waxy "stuff" that you can buy every where but, 
the good stuff... real milk chocolate from the candy supply store.

About 5 minutes later I had these.

The process is really easy.
* melt chocolate (double boiler or microwave *if you use the microwave melt for just a few seconds at a time as not to over cook)
* wash strawberries
*pat strawberries dry
*dip in milk chocolate
* set on parchment paper or wax paper to dry
*then enjoy every single little bite

heaven without having to wait for a delivery in the mail.

Look Who Is TWO

I can not believe that our little princess Miss H turned 2 years old on February 9th.
She has defiantly brought joy and excitement into this grandma's life. 
picture taken without either of us knowing about it. I LOVE IT 
Can you believe it has been a year since we posted these pictures?

She still likes pearl necklaces in her mouth.

Oh, how she is growing into a pretty little girl.
Hardly a baby anymore.

Her birthday was really fun.
She was even able to blow out her candles when they were moved a little closer together.

She is totally into princesses this year.
This is the fisher-price Cinderella carriage. Very Cute!
Miss H has loved it. Her daddy put a ribbon on it for her to pull it and she thinks that is awesome.

I am so grateful that these two little cousins are so close. They love each other so much.
The first thing they do when they see each other is let out a big squeal and run to hug each other.
They were giving high fives for their princess crowns. 

Even Evie is getting big enough to join in on the party.

I attempted a carriage cake.
Miss H liked it and so even though I was critical of it, her reaction was good enough for me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Princess.
MISS H, Grandma loves you very much.