Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sometimes You Are Lucky Beyond Words

Yesteray was just a plain average day. I had just set down to watch "Days of Our Lives",
when I heard my door open and in walk my dear friend Kayleen with bucket in hand.
She says to me, "what can I do to help you?"
My answer NOTHING, but you can watch "Days" with me. She agreed to be tortured by my daily soap opera, and then went to work on my house!
I use to clean my house the day before the cleaning lady came (back in the day when I worked 48+hours a week), so to let someone come in and see my home "lived in" was pretty difficult, even if it is my friend, "who loves me no matter what".

So, a couple of hours later the bucket and my dear friend had got their work out for the day, and my house was cleaned top to bottom.

Sometimes we forget what a phone call, email, or a note in the mail can do for someone, or just walking in with a bucket and saying, "What can I do to help". I am lucky, I have been blessed with great friends.


Anonymous said...

Now that is awesome!

Jan said...

That is what I call a love bucket. Wow. That is so so great. I might have to do some bucketing for someone. :)

Lene said...

What an amazing friend.

I am so glad that she is there to help you out. Next time you come down bring her with you -- and make sure she has her bucket. :P

The Calls said...

How sweet is that? I love Burley. Right before Bree's wedding, my visiting teacher came with a bucket, garden tools, a big hat and started pulling weeds. She knew Dick was in Logan doing those shows. She was a great help to me when I least expected it. Don't you love people like her.
PS: It was fun seeing you at the school today. I didn't even ask what you were doing there. You don't have any more children to register???????

Janiece said...

I was gathering info for the weekly mailer!
It was wonderful seeing you too!

Bren's Life said...

Wow - she can bring her bucket to my house anytime... I used to watch Days back at Ricks College.. We never missed it!
Hope your feeling better today. That really shocked me to see all the meds & hear all that. I can't believe you had a heart attack. Did you have high blood pressure? I do & I take meds for it, but I never check it or worry about it. I just assume the medicine is doing its job... I hope!

The Calls said...

Went private on our blog.
If you give me your e-mail I can invite you to read our blog.

David said...

"I use to clean my house the day before the cleaning lady came"

you sound like Jeanne. The one time we had someone come and clean our house from top to bottom she also cleaned everything first... kinda defeats the purpose in my book...