Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Place Not To Miss In Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Finding things to do in the Salt Lake City Valley is not hard to do, especially if you want to see and learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons).
As an active member of the LDS Church, I love visiting the temples.
The experience of seeing this model was so amazing to me.
I have been inside the SLC Temple on several occasions, but I have never seen the stair cases or the assembly hall.
To see them through this model was so fun.
and though my pictures are not as clean as what the following will be from KSL News and the
LDS News Room it was a wonderful afternoon on temple square.
cut awayCelestial Room
Assembly Hall

The south and east exterior walls of the model have been cut away, allowing replicated views of many of the temple's rooms, such as the large assembly hall, areas where the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve meet regularly, the baptistry and other ordinance rooms.
The model is intricately detailed, with paintings, furniture and even working chandeliers and lamps imitating what is found inside the Salt Lake Temple.
Constructed by Peter McCann Architecture Models of Toronto, the replica building required 16 modelers and five months of elaborate efforts.
"Some of the detail is so fine that we had to find people that were capable of doing it at that scale," said Joseph Coulas, the firm's project manager.



Mindy H. said...

Wow! That is amazing, although I wouldn't expect anything less than amazing from folks from Toronto(best mission in the world!). You are finding and doing such amazing things down there. You could have a career in Utah Tourism ahead of you!

Malissa said...

I LOVE the Salt Lake Temple! Every time we do a session there I just want to go exploring!

tammy said...

That model is so cool. The Salt Lake Temple is amazing and so beautiful!