Friday, July 16, 2010

My Home Away From Home

This is my nice little apartment in Provo. It works great for me, Kira and Sergio...The stairs bring you to the front door and living room.
I had to make it feel a little more like a home.
Even though it is in a basement it still gets warm so we purchased a fan to circulate the air.
The kitchen is nice and big
I love that it has a washer and dryer and LOTS of cupboard space
The bedroom is also large with two big closets and a very comfy bed.
and the bathroom has all that you NEED.
Thanks Brett and is perfect!


Lourie said...

That basement must be huge! It's very nice.

Lene said...

And it fits an extra 6 people when the need arises.

Kayleen said...


SAYDA said...

That is a very nice, little apartment! I am so glad that your sweet Kira and Sergio are with you. I love you!

Mindy H. said...

I'm glad that you have a nice place to hang your hat while you are in Utah. I will be even more glad when you get to come back to our beautiful valley for good. In the mean time, try not to have too much fun in Provo. And try out the cupcakes at the Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery. They are amazing!

MaryRC said...

looks nice and cozy