Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Sister

I have the most beautiful sister ever.
No matter her age...
She has just 2 real weaknesses

not the waffles...the chocolates

She is a great wife
has always stood by me...even dressing her girls in Red
she is such a good mom.
She has taught her kidlets to enjoy life and have fun
and more importantly she has taught her family to love their Father in Heaven.
I have always known she will have my back.
I love you Lene....
There is really nothing you could do about me being your sister
I am so grateful you chose to be my best friend.

Disclaimer: I "borrowed"most of  my pictures  for 'Lene's Blog


Lene said...


But let's make it really clear that my weakness isn't for waffles. Blech.

Love you too!

Oh and I am going to have to sue you for stealing pictures off my blog...Sorry! :P

Saimi said...

Happy Birthday Lene!! There's nothing like a sister, I know...Mine is my best friend, next to my husband!