Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Generations of needing "Go Red"

Grandmother, Mother and Daughter
I did not know my mom's mother,  my grandmother, she passed away in 1948, my mom was only 6 years old.  
 Her name, Hazel Christine Freeman Berryhill she died of HEART FAILURE.              
 My mom , Geneva Mary Berryhill Angle  passed away in 1994...of HEART FAILURE.                                 
   I had my first heart attack in 2004
 and received my new amazing heart in May of 2010.
I hope with the knowledge that I,  Janiece A. Burgess have received from the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION
and the Go Red  Program
I can be the last link of women in my family having heart attacks or disease
What women or men in your family have had a heart attack.

a women's heart attack does not usually display the same symptoms that men do.
I never had chest pains, a numb arm or even color changes in my skin or lips....
almost 1 month later did we realize I had had a major heart attack.
WOMEN, See A Cardiologist BE SURE your heart is working the way you need it to.
I love you


Kira Rivadeneira said...

You took my blog idea : ) You did it better than I could have anyways. I sure love you with all MY HEART. Thanks for being a survivor.

tammy said...

The only symptoms my friend had were flu-like symptoms.

So glad you are doing so well!