Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Not just because it is March...
But, I am seeing a little green in my grass
and the daffodils and tulips are sticking their leaves up too!
While living in Utah we would pass the beautiful flower gardens at
Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.
One of their big events is their Tulip Festival.
I believe it was in July or August last year they had their tulip bulbs for sale
1 doz. for $3.00. 
 There were a variety of bulbs in each bag or you could "select" the ones you would like.
Being I was feeling adventurous I chose the variety bags.
Sergio could hardly wait to plant each bulb in the fall.

I  can hardly wait to see what the tulips are going to look like.
There are more and more showing their leaves each day.
I think it is going to be BEAUTIFUL!
and it is Spring in Idaho, so the next little storm is coming in.
Bringing  Wind, Rain and SNOW...
But, I do not even care...
I can see GREEN!


Jude Woods said...

I see green too! In Illinois, we had some lovely weather the last week or so...it's supposed to be getting a little chilly, rainy and the possibility of the dreaded white stuff..but I don't care...spring has sprung...it makes me very happy also...with love.

Connie said...

It gives you such hope when you see the tulips peeking out of the ground, doesn't it? With an occasional storm and shower, it is just a blip, because we know it will give way to warmth and sunshine eventually.


I'm still see snow! It's raining today and dreary... I love tulips and can't wait to see yours. I should plant some this fall!

tammy said...

I love tulips! They are one thing I miss in my AZ garden.

Julie said...

YAY for spring! I've seen the crocuses here, so I know it's coming. Can't wait to see your tulips! Take photos, okay? They're my favorite. Happy spring to you Janiece!

Lene said...

I miss all of Mom's tulips.