Friday, February 17, 2012

Elder McKay

 Kirk and I were able to go to Utah to spend a couple of days with my brother, Morris, his wife Rhonda and their youngest, McKay.
They were in Utah to take McKay to the MTC or Mission Training Center in Provo.
He will be serving and LDS Mission for the next 2 years in the Richmond Virgina Mission.
McKay is such an amazing young man. I have always loved him so much!
He is a good guy, a hard worker and knows how to have fun.

The night before he entered the MTC, McKay requested Red Lobster for his "Last Meal".
After a 2 hour wait for a table (Valentine night with a party of 11)
Morris, Rhonda, McKay along with Ro and Karen's family and Kirk and I
set down to a great meal and another fun evening of visiting.

February 15, 2012 at 12:30pm
we arrived at the MTC
for pictures

and last goodbyes and a few more pictures.
When our kids went on their missions everyone went in for a video, talks about not stalking your missionaries while they are at the MTC and everyone singing "Called to Serve" before the MTC President stood to tell the missionaries to give their families a hug and then head for the door in the back, while the families went out the door in the opposite side of the room.

NOW... You pull in the drive way and follow the guys in orange vests waving to you until they show you were to park. Along the sidewalk stand a small army of missionaries ready to help unload your suit cases and take the new missionaries to where they will be living, eating, sleeping and studying being a missionary.

McKay said, Enough is time to get this done, and just like that he was heading down the sidewalk...
Morris filmed and took tons of pictures
and kept the tears  "Snow" under control for the moment.
and Rhonda,
She had the eyes of a missionary mom
proud of her son, concerned for her son, faith in her son,
and complete faith in her Father in heaven.
Topping the missionary mom's eyes are the constant glimmer of tears.
Each will remain in her eyes until 2 years from now when again she hugs on her son.
Elder Angle,
Go work hard.
Have fun.
and have NO regrets.


Urbach family said...

What a sweet tribute to your nephew and his family. Brought tears to my eyes as i will be doing this myself sometime this year with my last son. Oh the total roller coaster of emotions.

Cynthia said...

Beautifully written! I remember dropping two of my sisters off at the MTC. I hope to someday have that challenging experience with at least one of my kids! Enjoy, Elder Angle, Virginia is a beautiful place!

Barbara Feltcher said...

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