Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
Kirk and I have really never been a big "Valentine Celebrating Couple".
I totally enjoyed Valentine's Day this year.
Even though I spent most of the day in the hospital for my heart biopsy, echocardiogram & clinic visit the rest of the day was AWESOME!
1st: I was with Kirk!
2nd: I was hanging out with part of my family
3rd: We all went out for an amazing dinner together.
We do not have a Red Lobster near us, so when McKay said that is where he wanted to go for dinner I was thrilled.
It was Lobsterfest time and though I like crab much more, I ordered the
"Ultimate Feast"
Kirk had the "Create Your Own Feast"
and so we then shared our plates.
It was awesome!

With our large party and Red Lobster not taking reservations it was about a 2 hour wait, but we had a great time visiting and later eating and visiting even more.

Biopsy report wasAWESOME
Labs and Clinic; FANTASTIC

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