Friday, July 20, 2012

Lehi 2112 Reunion

 The majority of our time in Arizona was my family reunion.
This is my mom's family.

And with all trips it includes a trip to the local cemetery.

I was really surprised at the size of the Globe, Arizona Cemetery.
Finding graves that had requests for photos on Find A Grave was almost 
impossible. It was the 4th of July, so I was not able to go to the Court House and see if they had a map of the cemetery. It has both an OLD and NEW section.

It also has a lot of Arizona history.
I had never heard of the Buffalo Soldiers
When I got home and had computer access I looked up the history of this group of men.
Their story was very interesting.
Wikipedia has THIS information.
One story is HERE.
Like I said, very interesting.

We went to the Reunion at Workman Creek.
It is located in the Tonto National Park of Arizona.

We were at a neat camp area that we have had our reunion at before.

I loved getting to see my siblings though we did miss my brother Ro being able to come.

I am never surprised to see these two busy helping.
Morris and Kirk are always in the middle of what ever needs to be done.

2012 celebrates 
Arizona's Centennial Anniversary
My Grandma Williams' birthday,
 the invention of Oreo Cookies and LifeSavors.
How cool is this cake that my cousin had made for the reunion.

Some of our best laughs came from this GIANT bug.
My cousins baby was in his bouncy chair and this bug was getting close to him.
His big brother who is maybe 2 years old, saw it happening.
He walked over, literary hit the bug out of the air and then stepped on it.
He left as the protector of his little brother and the defeater of the GIANT bug. 

our other favorite laugh was the cup holder.
Best idea ever...everyone had a cup with their names and clothes pins.
BUT, finding where you left your cup last was hard telling.
We would die laughing as people would stand staring at the cups.
A couple of the older kids found great joy in moving their parents cups around.


Aunt Elma Lee had the week planned and it was awesome.

Aunt Patsy always makes everyone feel special. 

Aunt Patsy and Aunt Judy 
watching the kids playing games.

Aunt Martha and Uncle Joe enjoying the activities.

My niece, Brandi her husband, Chris and her mom Rhonda.

I am going to say that there would have been some very bored kids
and stressed out parents if it were not for my brother, Morris and his son,Chad.
These two never stopped entertaining the kids.
They are my heroes.
Chad you are so darn amazing.
I do not know many guys that would spend their vacation keeping the little ones happy.

There were cabins available for each of the aunts. 
We bunked in my Mom's assigned cabin
 with my niece, Brandi and her husband.

The weather was perfect.
We even had a rain storm roll in and really cool things off.
We looked like wet camping rats...
But, it was great fun.

Thanks Kirk for using your limited vacation time for my reunion.
I love you.


Kelley Highway said...

Wow! Small world. We have precious friends who pastor in Globe. And Arizona's our favorite state! Glad you had a fun time!

Lene said...

I am so glad you came down and I wish we could have spent more time with you at the reunion.