Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Quick Vacation

Kirk and I went to Arizona for a quick vacation to visit family and to attend my family's reunion.
Our 1st day was spent traveling. We arrived at my brother Morris', and his wife, Rhonda's cabin near Happy Jack, Arizona.
The next day we cruised the mountain sides laughing and visiting.
Well, I should say AFTER Rhonda and I got up from sleeping in. Kirk and Morris had already been out on the ranger for a couple of hours.

I thought I trusting the driver and was relaxed on our off road adventure,
but the bruise in the shape of a hand print on my leg, says I was holding on a little too tight!

Northern Arizona is its own kind of amazing beautiful.
I am always in awe of how much I like it.
I could not believe all of the Mountain Blue birds we saw.
and Oak Trees!

That evening we left and headed to the "Valley of the Sun".
and the Arizona desert.

 I went to my sister, 'Lene's to stay the next couple of days.
Monday was a total kick for me.
I am not a reader, I am sure I have stated that several times.
But, 'Lene's children are....CRAZY readers.
They had read a bunch of books, enough for each of them to get a free one from Barnes and Noble and some gift certificates from their local library.
I am going to just say, WOW... Queen Creek, AZ your library ROCKS!
I might even find myself wanting to hang out there!
We went to IKEA. I wanted to find another umbrella like the one I had lost to a recent wind storm.
They didn't have any
 BUT they did have one of these:
How cool is this little circus tent.
The kids quickly made it a reading tent.
I knew that Miss C and Miss H would love it, I had no idea that my
nephews and nieces would think it was so cool too.
(I really felt bad when I had to take it down to bring it home)

I have the most amazing uncle.
As long as I can remember...
This man has been my rock. As a little girl I always knew he could make things better.
I also knew I could get in a lot of trouble too!
I enjoyed my visit with Uncle John and asking him as many family history questions as I could think of. I especially love getting my big hug from him.

I am sure I surprised my dad and his wife Barbara when I stopped in at there place too.
I will usually see my dad and either Morris' or 'Lene's but because my dad's knees have got so bad we went to his home.
We had a nice visit.

'Lene and I also went for a "sister's only lunch"
Yes, it is the one that Guy from Food Network visited.
We had the Fontina Burger along with their sweet potato fries.
The food is really yummy.
Almost as wonderful as just setting and visiting with my sister.
I am really lucky to have such amazing siblings.

'Lene did get a kick out of my total surprise when we went to get in the car...
There was an "OPEN" can of pop.
Opened like it can only be in a very warm car.
I quickly removed the 2 12pks that I had in my trunk!
What a mess that could have been.
I know I grew up in AZ but it has been a long time and
I forget that you NEVER leave an unopened pop can in your car during the summer months.
HELLO! to the family reunion.


Lene said...

I am so glad that you came and spent a few days with us. But next time can we do 2 weeks instead of 2 days?!?

Mindy H. said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures. And I cant wait to see how your grandbabies reacted to the tent!