Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I do not know how many years we have had our own pumpkin patch.
It has always been my favorite part of the garden.
This is a picture from 2008, there is a post about it HERE.

This year Kirk tilled & sprayed the pumpkin patch. We had
 decided we were going to have a smaller garden,
smaller included no
  pumpkin patch!!!

So, without a personal patch it required us to go find another one.

Josh and Ali had taken Miss C to get pumpkins in Oakley, ID and told us how fun it was.

Today Kira needed to have pumpkins for her Young Women's activity.
So we took Miss H to go get pumpkins at the "fun patch".

It really was fun. A really nice gentleman came out and told us to climb up on the trailer and he would take us around the patch.
If we saw a pumpkin we liked  just "holler" and he would stop.
We yelled several times, picking out pumpkins we liked.

We would load them on the trailer, even Miss H had to put hers on the back.

Hazel found one we couldn't load.

The patch was full of all sizes and shapes.
When we were done picking our pumpkins we climbed back up on the trailer and got a ride back to the car with our orange treasures.

We had a great time, but it was really strange when we were all done to
for pumpkins.
I am saving seeds from these pumpkins so I can have a 
PUMPKIN PATCH next year.

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Lene said...

That's why we didn't come up for fall break. No pumpkins = Chaos