Saturday, November 17, 2012

I met WHO!!???

Kirk had a "Scouting" meeting tonight that spouses were invited to attend.
I have never been a big Scouting fan. I know that it is a good program and I know that it can help our boys become better young men if they have good leaders and want to be part of the program.
So, I wasn't jumping to go to the meeting, but a free meal was involved and Morey's was catering it so I knew dinner would be good.

The meeting was being held at our LDS Stake Center.
This would be the first night of the "scouting" meetings called
"Little Philmont", tomorrow Kirk would attend more meetings and classes.

After dinner, we were invited into the chapel where Brother Allen, our Area Authority welcomed us to the night's meeting.
Our Stake Presidency spoke on

As I listened I soon realized this was not going to be a "what I thought scouting was" meeting.
They spoke on how important the activities are that our young men do.
That they learn what their duties are in the Aaronic Priesthood.

What I was being taught was what Young Men's/Scouting was really suppose to be all about.

Our concluding speaker was this man
do you recognize him?

Here is your last clue.

LDS Young Men General Presidency

Yes, it is Brother David L. Beck, 
the President of the Young Men of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints

He is who introduced the Duty to God Program

and also helped introduce the New Youth Curriculum for 2013.

Brother Beck discussed how these programs would help to prepare the young men of our church to be good men, sons, fathers, husbands and missionaries.
When he was finished he asked for a couple of men and women to come up and express their thoughts on what he had spoke about.
After waiting WAY to long for someone to go up and Brother Beck promising blessings to those who would come to the front. I stood up and said, "Well, I need blessings".

I took a moment and shared my thoughts on how important I feel it is that our youth have a journal to write what they are learning/teaching on Sunday in YM/YW and Sunday School and to...
as Brother Tracy King had shared in his talk.

I spoke to Brother Beck like I had known him for years.
Thanked him and went and set down.

About oh.... a minute later I was like...
HOLY COW!!!!!!
I was just standing up there speaking to a General Authority and 
WHAT!!!! What was I thinking???!!!!

The evening was really nice.

Especially when Brother Beck said,
"Let our youth rise up!"
The Lord trusts them, now we need to help them fulfill their responsibility.
He closed with...
"The Lord of the Vineyard is here and he wants to help."

you could have heard a pin drop.


Josh received  his Duty to God , but not his Eagle...that is a LONG 'ol story that is best left alone.
Derek received his Duty to God, and earned his life in scouting.
In a way it has always bothered me that they didn't have their Eagles, especially Josh.
But, after tonight...
I am very proud of my boys for earning their 
Duty to God Awards.

*NEW* LDS Scout 3 ½” Pocket Patch (temporary) - Click Image to Close

Quoting Thomas S. Monson: 

     “The Aaronic Priesthood prepares boys 
for manhood and the weightier duties of 
the Melchizedek Priesthood. Scouting helps 
our boys to walk uprightly the priesthood 
path to exaltation . . .  
     To all the Aaronic Priesthood with your 
fathers and your leaders, the priesthood 
program of the Church, with its 
accompanying activities, including 
Scouting, will help and not hinder you as 
you journey through life.” 
      “Much has been said in the media of late regarding Scouting. Let 
me affirm that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has 
not diminished in any way its support of the Scouting movement. . . .  
     . . if ever there were a time when the principles of Scouting were 
vitally needed—that time is now. If ever there were a generation who 
would benefit by keeping physically strong, mentally awake, and 
morally straight—that generation is the present generation." 


Saimi said...

Oh my stinking GOSH!!! How amazing is that WOW!!! I bet your glad you went! I'm a bit intimidated by the new curriculum. We also had a training on it but it was within our stake, we weren't as lucky as you to have the First Presidency Young Men Leader speak!

Congratulations to your sons, two of my boys received their Eagle the other made it to Life before he lost interest.....

I love the scouting program! You've heard of soccer moms, yeah I was that with the scouting. HA!

Annmarie Pipa said...

wow!!! I would go and send my kids there in a heartbeat!