Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

This is my gr gr grandfather
Charles Jacob Powley
in his Civil War uniform.

Kirk's grandma always said that she wishes she could have been able to go to Italy to see where her son, David Rex was laid to rest.
After her passing it really bothered me that we did not have any pictures of where he was buried.
I was able to get this picture from, I believe, the Foreign War Office.

Kirk's uncle David Rex
I am sure there are other family members that served but I do not know them.

Kirk's grandfather, Melvin Warner

Below are my uncles that I remember who served in different conflicts.

Kirk's uncle Phil
He valiantly served his country as a member of the U.S. Navy in the Viet Nam War
he died July 3, 2011

 My mom's brother Jimmy.

My mom's brother Charlie

My dad's brother, "Art"

My aunt Bonnie's husband
Jake Ferguson

and just recently,
Uncle Joe Clinton Drake
(1926- 2012)
He served in the Pacific War Zone on the Landing Craft LCSL 3-94. He was released six months after Japan surrendered. He returned to Tennessee and farmed for a while. When the Korean War broke out he went back into the Navy and was assigned to the APA Bexar Ship. He was honorably released both times that he served. 

as of today's date his military marker has not been placed. 

Do you know who the veteran's in your family are?
I am grateful to these amazing men on our family.

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