Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa's Visit and Ugly Sweaters

It was pretty fun when Santa showed up tonight when we were playing Christmas Bingo and comparing our "creative" Christmas shirts.
At first the girls were not real sure that they liked the idea of Santa walking in the front door.
But, as soon as the candy came out of the bag they were best friends!

Even little Evie was happy to set on Santa's lap.

He came with treats for all that would set on his lap.
Kira got coal...though I think Josh should have for being the photo bomber of the evening!

These two little girls are growing up so fast.
I still love how they love each other.

We decided every one was to come in an  "Ugly Shirt/Sweater.
I will admit I was pretty impressed! 
Kira and Sergio both did their own.

Josh and I compared to see who we thought was the "most" creative.
Mine was to look like a Christmas Tree when I put my arms up....
But as you can see I need to do a little work on balancing the top of the tree with the garland. 

Josh's was pretty stinking cute for an UGLY Shirt.
It is hard to tell in these pictures, but he has reindeer on his shirt (it is 3D) and it is throwing up
Christmas stuff.
I said, I was just glad it was his head on the sweater and not the "other end".

Santa even came with a treat for Derek
YEP everyone that would set down for a have you been naughty or nice chat with the dear man in the red suit.

Thanks Ali for inviting Santa tonight.
You are a pretty lucky lady to have those type of connections!!

It sure helped with getting everyone excited for the next few days.

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Lene said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. And I don't think Kira got the "ugly" sweater memo, hers looks kinda cute.