Monday, June 24, 2013

One of These IS NOT Like the Others

I would like for you to look closely at these 5 family members...
Can you see any resemblances? How about differences?

Ok... if you are not sure... You may say my sister is different from the rest of us.....
Yes, she has a house full of kidlets, but so does my brother Ro.
Yes, Morris and I have grown kids.
Yes, my dad and I have grandkids.

If you still do not know where I am going with this, do not feel alone.
But, I want to share a true and very unfortunate story with you.

As I have bragged, smiled and shared that I was able to go to Arizona for LaLa's baptism.
Again, it was wonderful!
But, being around many, many strangers...
on several occasions (to many to count)
I was asked, "Is this your daughter?" or "Is that your mom?"
This would be all good and fine expect they were not asking LaLa...or even Miss Roo...
Really world... I am barely 7 years older than her.
I admit she looks much younger than I do.
and she has 5 kids still trailing behind her, where I have my 3 grand babies. 
I could get over the fact that one of us married young and the other married not as young.
It is all good, right.

Until on my flight home from AZ.

This cute little 18 or something was setting next to me and I thought at first it was her older sister or friend with her....Later in the flight as the conversations went on I realized that it was her mother.

I made the comment, "I thought at first you were flying with you sister."
This "sweet" little things says...." DO I LOOK THAT OLD??" I responded quickly, "Oh no, your mom just looks that young." Which she quickly replied, "She is 51 years old!"
at which I answered...Really, "SO AM I."
Then the  little ..... responded with a NO WAY!!!
I though you were much OL..................
It was a good thing that we were getting ready to land
 and that we were not on the emergency exit seat row...
Just saying.

I have gone a couple of years or so without coloring my hair...
mostly because I am lazy.
And I kept telling myself, the white "high lights" didn't age me that much.

But, I believe now that they must not only make me look older but not as healthy.
The day after I got back home I colored my hair.
It is still light but not white.

I have been so surprised by all the people at home... 
They can tell there is a difference, but can not put a finger on it.
But, I LOVE their comments:
"You look so good."
"That trip must have been just what you were needing."
"You look like you have got a lot of needed rest"...
Should have done this a couple of years ago.

And the answer to the question is...
Which one of these is not like the other??
Well, do you REALLY think that is 'LENE's hair color??


Lene said...

Welcome to the dark side...

And of course it is my hair color...I paid good money for it...Ha

Lene said...

And by the way you were 6 years and 8 months old when I was born...not even 7

Kira Rivadeneira said...

I'm pretty sure 'Lene is adopted...Don't worry too much about it.

Pooh said...

niece- you are beautiful inside and out...everyone can just choke on their words!

Janiece Burgess said...

Well, not quite the dark side.

Janiece Burgess said...

Love you

harada57 said...
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