Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Positive Time

I love this picture...
Everything about it makes me feel secure.

I have wanted to make a real conscious effort to make sure Kirk KNOWS how much I love him.
How grateful I am for him and everything that he does for me and our family. 

January started with HELPING reinforcing this effort.
Kirk had done something to his knee... he isn't sure even when or what but he was having a hard time getting around. 
And let me tell you something about my husband... HE DOES NOT JUST SIT AROUND... the man does not know how to relax and just ... relax. It doesn't matter if it is a day off or if he just got done with a 
10+ hour day at work, he is doing something.
This is how I knew his knee was hurting because he would try to go go go but,
was spending more time with ice on his knee than not.
ANYWAY... back to the knee.
He and his doctor picked Monday, January 13th to do the surgery.

BUT, not to be out done, I decided to get sick on Friday the January 10th with pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital.
Crazy I know.

Monday, the 13th, Kira arrived at the hospital with her dad to play babysitter to her parents.
She went and stayed with Kirk until they took him back to surgery.

They even let her see pictures of the tear and repair on his knee.
While they were in there they found that he had a fracture on his tibia so they fixed it also. 

4 hours later... Kirk was awake and on his way home.
I am glad that Kira is such a photo journalist... she is awesome at taking pictures and I love her 

I did get to stay in the hospital for a few more days
 and when I did get to come home 
I had this little buddy to hang out with each day for a BIG dose of antibiotics.

I am so glad  that I have been "trained" to administer my own I.V.'s so I do not have to make a trip to the hospital for the 30 mins of IV therapy. 

Now, Kirk and I are hanging out at the house, watching tv, reading, talking and 
Habit is being formed
Hanging out together...
and I am conscious to tell him I love him and to hold his hand, to find quiet moments and all those things that after 30+ years together you sometimes forget you still need to do.
Because, I do.
I NEED HIM TO KNOW just how much I truly love him.


Mindy H. said...

I am glad that you two lovebirds are both home and on the mend. You are both so cute!

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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

I am glad that you two lovebirds are both home and on the mend. You are both so cute!