Monday, July 13, 2009

Box Elder Tabernacle

...or also known as the Brigham City Tabernacle,

Kirk's Aunt Peg asked if we could take her to Utah to spend a few days with her sister Una before going home to Illinois. They picked this to be the meeting spot.I had never been here before and was in total awe of it. When we arrived the front doors were open, so we went to take a look inside.

The details were unbelievable
It has a HUGE pipe organ

that they let Kira play!
but more special and wonderful was the special bond that Kira and Aunt Peg had made.
before Peg left, she handed Kira her string of pearls.
I do not think I have seen Kira take them off.
Kira and I have started having fun taking pictures of us together.
The sun was in her eyes and you can not see the building, but we sure were having fun!


Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Amazing there are many special places close to us we have never seen. We felt the same way about the Box Elder Tabernacle the first time we toured it.
I love pearls, too, Kira. But having your Aunt Peg's are priceless.
Wow, 10 days from today you will be in Buenos Aires getting ready to go the the temple wedding of Kira's mission friends.
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - Argentina

Michele said...

What a beautiful place Janiece...awesome detailed work inside!

Lucky Kira to be getting Aunt Peg's pearls...something to always treasure.


Cynthia said...

Beautiful! I love the old pioneer architecture. There used to be many of these tabernacles in the State but few have been preserved as nicely as that one.

Oh- and Kira looks like a non-trashy version of Eva Longoria. What a pretty girl!

Lene said...

How beautiful. The Pioneers were amazing craftsmen. It's sad how many times we have been up and down that road and never stop to see things.

And love, love, love the picture of Kira.

MaryRC said...

some really great pics. looks like a beautiful place.