Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip Day 1

After Kirk's surprise of an Anniversary was almost 3pm before we left Burley.We stopped and enjoyed the view from Galena Summit.

Kirk had packed a cooler of soda, so we didn't need to stop before here.

The bathrooms were closed! That was not good!

We saw this...and thisand lots of these...We stopped for the evening in Salmon, Idaho.
We ate at this little steak house, Shady Nook, the building has lots of cool history.
The food was good...the service was HORRIBLE...
would not recommend it.

We found a nice hotel called the Stage Coach Inn...the room was nice and very comfortable.


parkithere said...

I love traveling through that part of green and thrilled you had so much fun...
looking forward to your next adventure...

Lene said...


Who knew you could go further north than Sun Valley. Ü

Are you going to get this whole adventure posted before you start you new one?

MaryRC said...

great views, and cooler of soda without a bathroom... eek!

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Stanley Basin...our favorite place in Idaho, next to home.
Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you tomorrow (Fri, July 24) if we can get away from the Area Office and go to the Bueneo Aires temple while you're there for that wedding. Love, Los Petersens - Argentina

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

Janiece and Kira arrived safely in Buenos Aires and were at the temple on July 24. However, we had to drive a missionary to a clinic and didn't get out to the temple before they had left.
We did a session at 7pm, then went to the MTC where Janiece and Kira had left some salad dressings, pectin, and Danish desserts for us, so we know they were there.
We hope to see them after we return on July 30 from a 4-day health visit to the Paraguay North Mission.
In an e-mail, Janiece said; "I left everything at the MTC for you today.
Oh my gosh, I love it here!!"
We hope they have a wonderful time in Kira's mission country.
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - Argentina

Anonymous said...
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