Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Naming A BLOG!

Josh and Ali just started a blog called burgessfamily09.blogspot

and Kira said that she would like to start one too...but she can not think of a good name for it...

I suggested ¨Gringanada¨

because she will be a Gringo in Empanda Land... any other suggestions??


Lene said...

I think she should call it "Never say Never" or "You can only wish you were me, but you can't be because there is only one me and I am it".

Walt and Eileen said...

How about "Kira & Sergio"...but I do think your "Gringanada" is a clever one.
Thank you for the invitation. We hope we can come to the wedding. Our oldest dau, Janie, and three of her kids arrive Oct. 7 from Rexburg; fly back Oct 13. And she wants to visit her Argentina Rosario Mission area...but don't have our schedule yet. She also wants to go to the B.A. Temple, and have her kids do baptisms; hopefully we could do that on Oct. 10...
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen

SAYDA said...

That is too funny! Only you would think of that cause you are so creative.
We will follow their blogs too.

Pooh said...

your suggestion is so clever-
what about seiranada-
you know se-for sergio
ira-for kira
and nada-for empanda land
and kira is so pretty she reminds me of a beautiful song.