Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Dress

Maria, a wonderful lady and amazing seamstress, in San Miguel, Tucuman
made Kira's wedding dress.
Kira took a drawing she had done and said this is what I would like
so...after shopping for fabric
we left Maria to her talents
When we visited for the first pinning,
the bottom of the dress was just what Kira wanted...but the top was NOT exactly what she had hoped for. So, Maria went back to her drawing book and told Kira to come back in a couple of days for another "pinning"
At our next visit there was the dress Kira had dreamed ofShe was so happy and excitedwith every little detail.At the reception with all the ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs,
Maria should have been blushing too, her creation was
And with the wind at the temple, Kira's dress flowed just as she wanted it to

Thanks Maria!


Michele said...

Oh Janiece ~ what a beautiful dress...Kira made such a beautiful bride!

So when are you coming home? Can't wait to see more pictures!


Lene said...

The dress is georgeous...just like the one she had drawn this summer.

MaryRC said...

no doubt, what a great job they both did, she looks amazing.