Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Pictures

are you about sick of my vacation "slide show"?
Here are just a few more places I got to see...foothills of the Andes Mountains Jujuy (Pronounced Hoo-Hoo-E)

Providence of Salta
amazing river beds
I wish you could see this better...
the middle of the hill has ancient steps that were made to go to the top
"The Toad" is of is quickly melting away, due to the wind and rain
unbelievable hills (yes, in Argentina these are hills)

jungle greenery that I have never even imagined
colors to many to explain
to "Mother Earth" I may have to do a blog about "Pachamama"
looks like Arizona!
Who would have ever thought I would be standing here!

bottle brush flowers all over San Miguel
and art work of every kind
This picture is taken half way up the staircase


linda said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures Janiece! You really were on some kind of adventure! Amazing!

parkithere said...

fabulous photos...keep sharing...

Lene said...

It really does look alot like Arizona, but different.

I love the armadillo - Argentina can't be that bad after all!