Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Struggling With My Heart

Doctor... First, I want to say that the Cardiologist that I saw to replace my pacemaker BATTERY
...oh by the way it is called a Generator...
Is a HIGHLY recommended Dr, he is more than qualified to do this procedure.

BUT (don't you hate it when you hear or say "but")

I am having some real struggles with it being done....yes, I know it has to be done...


I can choose who and where right?
The doctor that first implanted my pacemaker is in Utah, in the same hospital as my Heart Failure Doctors.
The guy who checks my pacemaker remotely..I LOVE...and he is in Idaho.
also the above qualified Dr. is in Idaho.
I hate the thought of loosing "Bill" as my pacer follower.


I am not comfortable with the
Well, this is OUR PROCEDURE attitude..

My Primary care physican calls me a...
YEP a Zebra...
because nothing about my health is "normal"
and any book with "typical" patient can be thrown out the door.
So, when a doctor and his nurse say
especially when it comes to my weird blood that likes to be
at all times with out the help of an anticoagulant
My Heart Failure Doctors have always had to put me in the hospital
prior to a procedure to monitor my blood very carefully.
This Cardiologist want to take me off my anticoagulant 5 days before,
using Lovenox as a bridge prior to the "surgery".
I told him I am not comfortable being off my Cumidian that long...especially with it not being monitored.
Do I call the doctor who first put in my pacemaker and get his recommendation?
I have already talked to the Heart Failure Team and have their recomendation.
Do I just relax and go with the doctor so I can keep "Bill" as my pacer guru??


Jeanne said...

This is definitely a time to go with what feels right. Pray a lot and follow your first impression. The fact that you are worried is enough reason to use caution when choosing a doctor. I hope all goes well!!

Mindy H. said...

In the words of my wonderful mission president: Go with the Spirit, sister. Go with the Spirit. Have Josh and your handsome hubby give you a blessing and then Let the Holy Spirit Guide. I'll keep a good thought for you this will fit in very nicely with all of the other good thoughts for and about you that I have collected!

Lene said...

I don't even know what to think. If it was anyone but you I wouldn't worry so much, but since you tend to be "difficult" when it comes to your heart and blood I am quite concerned. I think Miss Mindy is pretty wise and I would totally agree with her.

I love you and we are praying for you!

MaryRC said...

do what your heart tells you to do. here are no rules that say you cant get a second opinion!

Walt and Eileen said...

We know every doctor is different. And it never hurts to get another opinion. And, yes, a blessing, plus the Spirit will be a helpful guide.
Love, Los Petersen, Walt & Eileen -Argentina

Liz said...

Peace of mind is so important. You should do all that you can, call the other doctors. DO YOUR PART! and then you can rely on the Lord to pick up the slack. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

I don't really have any advice for you. You seem like a smart cookie and will make the right choice in the long run. I hope that things work out for you in this situation.

Hugs and high fives.

Cynthia said...

You are NOT wrong to be concerned and want to look at other options. I learned when we were going through the fertility treatments not to trust only Doctors- they all said we'd never have kids and I came up with a protocol they helped implement to placate me- and it worked!

You MUST advocate for your own best care and if you are unconfortable with the direction the one Doctor is going- find another. I totally support you on going out of your way to see a doctor you feel better understands your case.

mommy nurse said...

Trust your heart. Even if you have the two best doctors to choose from in the world. I think there is something to be said for trusting what the doctor says...if in doubt go with the one you trust! Best of luck!