Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

I love the holidays!!!!

I will show you what I have been making all day today....tomorrow...
But, I do have a question....
What day are you "celebrating" Halloween". Saturday the 30th or Sunday the 31st?
We are celebrating to day...the 30th
So, even if I am not doing anything tomorrow...should I still pass out treats IF someone stops by?
Hope you have a great weekend no matter when or IF you celebrate.


tammy said...

Happy Halloween!

We were always told to have treats on hand for those that go trick-or-treating on Sunday so we don't offend and make people even more against the Church. But I guess it's really what you're comfortable with.

Lene said...

We celebrated on the 30th just because that is when the Trunk or Treats were. If I was going to take the kids around the neighborhood there was no way I would have done it on rude to show up for the party a day early.

Lene said...

We did leave our light off on Sunday and didn't have anyone come to the door.