Saturday, October 2, 2010

General Conference

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) General Conference that happens every 6 months.

October 2010 General Conference.

This beautiful building sets North of the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple.
 I love going into the Confernce Center and the feeling of peace that is there. Though it is very difficult to get tickets for conference, we have been able to go a couple of times.
I like just visiting when it is not during conference. You can take a tour anytime.
 The history of this amazing building is beautiful.
The pulpit is made from a Black Walnut Tree that was planted by President Gordan B. Hinckley, he said at the first General Conference held at the Conference Center 
"If I get a little personal and even a little sentimental, I hope you will forgive me," President Hinckley said as he began to describe the origin of the pulpit.
President Hinckley said he spent his boyhood summers on the family's fruit farm and has always loved trees. "Every year at this season we planted trees," he said. "Well, some 36 years ago I planted a black walnut. It was in a crowded area where it grew straight and tall to get the sunlight.
 A year ago, for some reason, it died."
President Hinckley knew of the wood's value, so he invited a church general authority, Elder Ben Banks of the quorums of the Seventy, to his home. Elder Banks had been in the hardwood lumber business before being called to a full-time church assignment.
President Hinckley passed away in 2008.
 At that time a new prophet is called.
He is Thomas S. Monson.
His counselors are Henry B. Irene and Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I love hearing these men speak.
A PROPHET who leads and guides. Not just for the LDS church but to all who will listen.
 There are also 12 Apostles
These men are just as the apostles of old.
They preach of Christ.
In the next 2 days you will see many posts in "Blogland" about being "fed" by these men and the women who server in leadership positions in the LDS Church.
Any are welcome to listen and more important feel of the messages that will be given.
I can not wait!


Laura Lynn said...

I love conference! I can't wait. I put together packets for my kids and it helps them watch. Just today my 8 year-old said he was so excited for conference because he gets to build a tent (King Benjamin story) and play bingo with candy. Haha - anything to get them to listen!
Have a great day. It should be full of inspiring stuff!

Kim said...

I too love conference. I love how rejuvinated I feel, as though I could tackle the world. I am so excited to hear the words, the music and most of all feel the spirit it brings into my home.

I love the picture of the pulpit. One time when I helped clean the conference center the worker asked if there was something we wanted to do or know. I said I would like to see the pulpit and touch it. I did. The reason it is special to me is my dad and siblings grew up with the Hinckley's and many, many of them played on that very walnut tree. Just a little something for me to remember.

Have a great weekend.

tammy said...

I love conference weekend! I'm always a little sad when it's over.