Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have You Heard of Bountiful Baskets?

This was my order for Jan. 8th 
Conventional Produce Basket $15 Contribution
statement found on Bountiful Baskets
50% fruit, 50% vegetables, 100% healthy, delicious & fun
In the conventional basket we focus our buying as follows: High Quality, Low Cost and As Local as Possible… So, how hard do we try? Pretty hard! Most bananas are from Central America or the Caribbean and are grown by a couple gargantuan conglomerate growers. We get all of our bananas from small farmers in central Mexico. This saves the co-op between $4 and $7 a box, keeps money with small farmers, and helps keep the carbon footprint small.
Together We are Changing the World One Dinner Table at a Time
I have never got anything from them which has not been REALLY GOOD.
and for $15.00 you can not beat the price. (at least not in Burley, Idaho)
Look at those tomatoes and cucumbers!!!
Oh my goodness the Pineapple and Bananas ...HEAVEN! Everything is so good!!!
I know that they only do deliveries in the Western USA,
though they do not deliver to California.
I would recommend them highly.


Kara D. said...

I love BB too! It is so awesome.

Cynthia said...

I've been thinking of joining. In fact, I'm trying to get the garden I work for signed up to be a 'pick up' location!

Lene said...

I really should join. Especially since there is a drop off in my neighborhood.