Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stu blog: The recipe for Milky Way Cake

Do you know who Stu is?
He is on the radio with Glen Beck.
Glen is always talking about this cake...
and today it was posted so...Yes I am coping it from Glen's website.

 For all of eternity, man has dreamed of a way to fuse the caramelly yumminess of Milky Way bars, and the moist deliciousness of cake.  Though science has tried and tried, it has failed and failed…until now.
So, I present the full recipe for Milky Way Cake.  Yes, this is it.  Live, love, laugh, eat, and fall asleep in the hallway before you can get to your bedroom because you just ingested 45,000 calories in 4 minutes.

Milky Way Cake

1 box yellow cake mix
1 stick unsalted butter
6 regular sized Milk Way candy bars [cut into 1 inch pieces]
melt the butter and candy bars together in microwave, stirring occasionally.  Mix well.  Prepare the cake mix as directed.  Stir in Milk Way mixture.  Bake as directed in a bundt pan.
This is one of the comments left on his blog:
My friend from Mississippi gave me a recipe for MW cake back in the 60's. We used a chocolate cake mix and 8-5 cent Milky Ways. Also the icing was made with two Milky Ways and a tiny bit of milk to make it smooth to spread over the cooled cake. Yummy. Full of so many delicious, decadent, calories, it makes me want two cakes! I'm going to try your recipe, too. Tawanda from Indiana


Cynthia said...

That sounds super naughty- which means you KNOW I'll be trying it!

linda said...

Being that I'm CRAVING chocolate cake right now, this sounds incredible!

Kayleen said...

Sounds YUMMY!