Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday/Father's Day

Every now and again I get to share my birthday with father's day.
I really like it.

I really do not like being the "center of attention" so when I can share that...
That is a good day!
Kirk and I were spoiled!
Josh, Ali and Celes gave me my 1st Miche' base bag
with 2 new shells!
This cover is called "HOPE"
and the other is
Never heard of Miche'??? Visit Ali's site to check out how cool these purses are.
If you hate having the use the same purse day after day...the "base" stays the same, but the "shells" ...well they are endless, you can even design your own!

Kira knows me so very well... I love sandals...A LOT
They are so darn cute...
With Kirk's new calling in church
He was given a brief case...

it's my birthday I don't have to be dressed up

and with Celes' help
He opened a pen set from Kira, Sergio & Miss H.
He also got a really nice belt from Josh, Ali and Miss C.
So, as you can see we had a wonderful day.

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Lene said...

You are so nice to share the spot light.

Your cake is too cute! But you are lucky you didn't start a fire with all those candles!