Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary, to the amazing man in my life

 30 years ago
 Kirk and I stood in front of Bishop L. Hinckley, at my home in Spokane, Washington.
It  may not have been
 in the "right place" or
 the right time ( do NOT plan your wedding or reception the same night as a BIG ball game)
most certainly was the right person.
Kirk planned a stunning honeymoon in Glacier National Park and Waterton Park in Alberta, Canada. 
Our first night we stayed in a one room cabin with a HUGE feather bed, a sink and a shower.
the views were beyond amazing.

I still can not believe I took this picture with a Polaroid Instant Camera.

While in Canada we went on a moon light cruise
 that took us across the US and Canada borders and around the Upper Waterton Lake.

US/Canadian Border is in the middle of this valley.

10 years later 
we went back to where we had gone on our honeymoon.
This time with a little more money in our bank accounts we stayed in some of the castles that are in
Glacier National Park and in Waterton Park, Canada.
We stayed at Glacier Park Lodge
There are no words to describe the lobby to this hotel.
The pillars are trees that are so large I could not began to reach my arms around.
It makes me sad that the pictures of this trip I have not been able to find for years.

We stayed in the Prince of Wales Hotel
what a beautiful hotel.
Kirk and I stayed in a tiny (maids quarter) but we had an amazing view of the forest and lake.
We woke to a beautiful morning  fog lifting ...AMAZING...
for our
20th Anniversary
We went on a cruise with our family.
The food was amazing, true...
I learned a very important thing: I am not a cruise person.
BUT, two of my favorite parts were being with my family
and "there's the boat"...
See the bridge in the background of this pic? It is still the best laugh that we as a family share...
We crossed the bridge several times before we could get on to the road that would take us to the dock of the cruise ship.
Maybe  someday we will try another cruise.
On this cruise we also went with  Josh's demo team, I am glad we did not miss it and the kids LOVED it.
I can guaranteed if I ever do go on another cruise it will not be a baja Mexico cruise
 EVER..can't say that one enough.

I bet you can not wait to hear where we spent our
30th Anniversary
You will notice that there are not any pictures...
It is because I spent the past 2 days in bed!
And are you ready to hear where that was...
.......DRUM ROLL.......
part of it at home and the other part
in the E.R with a 102+* temp.
They ran a HIGH POWERED anti-biotic through my IV,
 tons of  fluids, due to extreme dehydration, and let me go home with another anti-biotic for
 a sever sinus infection.
I must be doing a little better because I have been able to stay awake long enough to do this blog,
and my fever has broke. (my heart blood work test came back great)
My heart hurts for poor Kirk.
He had a wonderful Southern Idaho road trip planned. 
Taking the back roads and seeing sight that I have wanted to see for 30 years.

Hopefully, I can make it up to him at the 40th.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart,
and YES I would do it all again.

thanks to google images for several of my pics


Kelley said...

Awwww! How I enjoyed this post... until I got to the fever! My heart began to pound, and then relieved, I sighed knowing you're just fine. I'm so glad you are here to enjoy your thirtieth with your awesome husband. You both deserve a lovely day!

Like Dave and I always say, "Any day can be our anniversary." After 30 years, it's true!


SAYDA said...

So sorry about your 30th. Maybe you can take a trip next month and have a belated celebration. I hope you are feeling much better. I'm glad your little heart is okay. Love you girl.

tammy said...

Congratulations! That is an accomplishment to be proud of. I loved reading about the places you've visited. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lene said...

Wow you are old!

Connie said...

Gosh, I haven't been by your blog for awhile. I have missed seeing posts about your wonderful family.

Sorry your 30th anniversary didn't work out so well but am glad you are feeling better.

Mindy H. said...

Yikes! Get well soon!

Also, happy anniversary to the both of you! I hope you don't have to wait another ten years for your trip. A 30 year, 1 month anniversary trip sounds good too, right?

Walt and Eileen said...

Janiece & Kirk, Happy 30th Wedding forever together!
Glad you're on the mend and hope you get that Southern Idaho road trip sometime this summer.
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - San Salvador

MaryRC said...

love youre wedding picture! glad your blood work was good. xoxo

Julie said...

Happy 30 years to you!!! How wonderful! Glad you took care of you. Sounds like your husband cherishes you. How wonderful to have such a great guy. I hope you still get to celebrate.

BTW, I loved seeing your wedding photos! Fun stuff!!!