Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something Is Wrong With These Pictures...

This has been my view of George and Lorie's home.
Though I am not one of those neighbors who is over all the time or calls ever day.
I always knew they were around and they were o.k. with me being this type of a neighbor.
This week  in the middle of my bout with the flu and being down in bed or at the hospital
something terrible sad happen. I knew that it was coming but not like this. 
What is wrong with this picture? Their big black lab isn't laying under the tree.
and it's Sunday morning...most Sunday mornings you could hear George's lawn mower
cruising around the yard. George's yard always looks so well groomed.

The river is like glass...where is Lorie? She is usually enjoying the view with her fishing pole in hand.
Over the years we have had several different neighbors, each bringing something different to the lane.
But, George and Lorie they brought a glow to our lane. They shared an unconditional love with everyone. They both have a great love of God and it was evident in all they did.
A couple of months ago a "FOR SALE" sign was on their dock...But, it was gone about a week later.
 My thought was it must have floated down the river and they just set it there until someone claimed it.
A week or so later Kirk came home and said, "George and Lorie sold their home". I just looked at him thinking yea...what ever...they love this home.
It wasn't until the 4th of July that I asked about Kirk's silly comment.
Yes, it had sold and they would be gone by the end of the month...
and here we are...
without the most amazing neighbors anyone could ask for.
So, you who live across the country who now have them as neighbors
I never got to say good-bye...
maybe it's the easiest way...
but, boy I miss that feeling of knowing they are right there.
Miss you.


Saimi said...

How sad for you! I don't know what we would do without all our wonderful neighbors, they really can make or break a neighborhood.

Hope someone nice moves in!

Julie said...

Ooh darn! I wish I knew your neighbors were moving. I'd LOVE to be your neighbor. I think, most likely, they were the lucky ones.

Kelley said...

We have been where both you AND your neighbors are. Some moves happen so fast there's just no time to say good-bye. *sigh* I hope you share this post with your new neighbors.

Lene said...

What the What? Who is going to be out mowing with me now?!?

SAYDA said...

Aw... so sad. It's so wonderful when you have wonderful neighbors,and then they leave. I hope you get the best neighbors in the world.

Connie said...

Your loss is another's gain. Hopefully you will get wonderful new neighbors to enjoy.