Wednesday, July 6, 2011

High School Grounds

While walking around the high school in Lynwood, Washington I was in awe of the green plants and what was growing and so beautifully...
This pretty plant is a dandelion!!! REALLY... if they looked this pretty in my yard, Weed B Gone would no longer be around.
and what kind of tree or plant this is I do not know...but I loved it.
I could not get over how the leaves on the plant took the shape of a flower.
and really...STRAWBERRIES!!!! Tons of little strawberry plants growing in the planters of the parking lot.
just wanted to share things that made me go awe...

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Kara D. said...

Dandelions are ALWAYS pretty :) But yes, those are some really nice plants. It is nice to just walk around and enjoy nature every once in a while.