Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday "E"

My favorite nephew whose name starts with "E" is having his 12th birthday today.
I am sure for his parents they are thinking HOW can he already be 12. Because I know I can not believe it!
"E" is an exceptional young man. His mind thinks in ways that I can not even explain...brilliant is an understatement.
But, with all the brains he has common sense.
He has a sense of humor that is contagious.
He has such a big heart.
He is always very polite.
and he has Celiac Disease.
A year ago when they were here for summer vacation, poor "E" could not hardly eat anything without becoming sick, and the weight loss that he was having was so scary.
When my sister returned home to Arizona she took "E" to get checked out.
When the tests came back they diagnosed him with Celiac.
I had never heard of it.
But, I do know this...
NO wheat flour or modified wheat flour.
When they came to visit last month, Lene went to buy some of the products that would be used to prepare meals that "E" would be able to eat.
I about had a heart attack when I saw what they charge for "Gluten Free" Products.
'Lene walked out of the store with a small bag of groceries and I had a cart full of groceries I think my total was only $10.00 more!!! That is crazy!!!
I was glad they had treats that "E" could have because I knew the rest of us would have some.
AND we found CREAM OF MUSHROOM Soup, do you know how many things you make with cream of_ soup???
Progresso Soup's are gluten free which is really cool.
and guess what else is Gluten Free
Yep, Good ol' Potatoes!
and I know how to cook with potatoes!
I even made homemade gluten free Potato Soup.
I am sure my sister 'Lene will make a wonderful meal and birthday cake for "E"
and it will all be gluten free.


Lene said...

He is pretty awesome isn't he?!?

And we are going out to eat at a gluten-free pizza place. Yum!

Walt and Eileen said...

Our daughter-in-law is working with a new company out of Boise that is making wonderful gluten-free products: Sun Flour is the brand name. Sorry I don't know about the cost of it, but Natalie says it makes better things than any of the other g-f things she's tried.
The Lord must have known which strong spirits could handle these allergies.
Love, Los Petersen - San Salvador

Mindy H. said...

Happy birthday to Mr. E! I have recently met a few gluten-free friends. It seems to be a growing problem, but at least with an increase in people who need gluten-free products, there has been an increase of the products themselves.