Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall View Of The River

I love the summer view of "our" river.

but each Fall for a few weeks the river drops.
This time is used to check the dam that is just down river for any problems.
It gives us a different view of the river and the river bank too.

When it goes down Kirk gets busy working on putting the rocks back up on the bank that get washed out from the boats and this year the HIGH water that we had all Spring and most of the Summer.

The water didn't go down as far as it usually does.
So, that meant that you  Kirk was going to have to work on it every chance he had
 because it would not be staying down for very long.
and the few days it was down it was cold...yes, that is ice, the river was already starting to show signs of freezing!
Bless Kirk's heart, last year he had Sergio able to help because he wasn't working yet,
and years before he had sons living at home, this year he was on his own.
The river was down for less than a week so he wasn't able to get as much done as he wanted to.

What do you think of the low river view?
My first thought is WOW, I forget how deep the water is during the summer and
many I miss my summer river.


Kelley said...

Bless your husband's heart. HARD work! I ached for his knees..........

Most Happy Girl said...

I think that all seasons have their own beauty. Replacing the rocks seems like hard, back-breaking work, but one of those necessary evils to keep the bank from washing away. I think I would love the view no matter what the weather. :)

Lene said...

Hey creeper...when did you take that picture of me.

I wish we could be there so the boys could help him with the hard work.