Saturday, March 17, 2012


One week ago, my neighbor, friend, and all round amazing lady passed away.
Lona was hit while riding her bike.
Kirk and I were at the hospital when she arrived.
The doctors said that she died at the site of the accident.
Standing in the ER room with the love of her life,  Dennis and Lona's still body
touched my spirit in a way I can not explain.
I was numb, how...why... I had no tears...
nothing... I could not accept what I was seeing.
I asked that STUPID question, "Dennis how are you?"
His answer was perfectly honest "Shitty".

 I didn't cry for several days nor could I sleep. One very late night as I watched one of the videos of her amazing talent of carving birds.
 I had my crash moment...I FELL APART...I sobbed.

March 15, 2012
Was her funeral.
again, there were no tears.
But a thought came to my mind as I stood at the cemetery.
From the time she and Dennis moved to the "lane", I always felt like Lona was my friend.
She always made me feel important and welcomed in her home and her studio.
As I listened to others at the cemetery I realized that I was not the only one that felt that way.
She made everyone she was around feel just like I felt.
WOW, what a quality to have.
Lona had a love of life and lived it to the fullest.
Her talents were beyond belief.
It has been a long week.
But, my testimony has been strengthened about the work of the Comforter.
I was just her neighbor and yet I have felt that amazing peace.
We do not understand all the events that happen on our journey here on earth.
Sorrow is a building block to make us stronger
and maybe sometimes a tragedy forces us to re-evaluate our life and priorities.
To be kinder, to make everyone you meet feel special, to say I LOVE YOU a little more, to hold your kiss a second longer, to look at your self and smile and know that you can make an impact in someone's life with out even knowing it.
Kind of like what Lona did for me.
Lona, I will miss you.
I will miss seeing your smile, I will miss your energy your ability to run & bike no matter the weather. Your love of our river was seen in each time you went out swimming, jet skiing & canoeing. I would see you start a carving project and still be in awe of what would be the finished result, and YOU LIVED like nobody I have met before.
Today, I cherish my belief in families and eternity.
Today, I cherish life.

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tammy said...

So sorry for your loss, and for her family's loss. Aren't we glad we know what we know?