Monday, March 19, 2012


The past few days I have been comforted by music.
Not just any music but 
Spiritually Uplifting Music.

I love William Joseph.
Not just because he is family but because 
This month he came out with a CD 
"Be Still"
I have been listening to it endlessly...
and it has lifted me.

At our stake Relief Society Birthday Party
they sang the song, "Miracles" by Sally DeFord.
It is beautiful and a reminder
that when we are at our lowest moments by serving others we
can be lifted.
The words are copied below.


Amid the countless blessings the Lord has given me
The light of truth and goodness; the Holy Spirit's peace
I see the many sorrows that his children must endure
So much hurt I long to heal. How can I change the world? 

There are hands I cannot hold
Hearts I cannot comfort
Tears that only miracles can stay
So let me love and serve and teach
Those who come within my reach
For miracles begin that way 

The Savior walked in Galilee, unknown in many lands
Yet touching every nation by the labors of his hands
Giving light to all the world by teaching but the few
He is my example in the work that I must do 

(Repeat chorus) 

I will bear the burden of my neighbor in his need
I will share my Savior's love in every kindly deed
He will magnify my efforts, and I'll understand at last
That by these small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 

(Repeat chorus) 

Deep breath...
Life is Good
Music has lifted me.


Saimi said...


Mindy H. said...

I don't think I have heard of William Joseph before now, but I will sure be checking him out after your glowing recomendation.

The Miracles song really was a hightlight of the meeting. I am glad that Sue and Jolene wanted to put the words on the program so that everyone could take them home to remember. We are so blessed to be able to see God's hand in our lives!