Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter Weekend was full of fun and surprises.
Saturday came with a nice luncheon and a Easter egg hunt.
A great group of friends and family joined in for good laughs as the kids hunted for TONS of eggs.

My view of the egg hunt was a little different than all the the rest of the family...
Friday night I was taken to the hospital with a very high fever.
Come to find out I had pneumonia.
Derek hung out with me at the hospital while everyone else was eating chicken salad and other yummy things.

Saturday night, Kira, Sergio and Miss H came to dye eggs with me. How sweet is that!
But, because of the pneumonia and Miss H not wanting to leave her mask on they could not stay.
So, they went home to color the eggs.

 Easter morning came with the "bunny" leaving little gifts for everyone.
 Kira said, Hazel was into her basket before Sergio could even get up the stairs.

 Kira had to put the baskets away because she was wanting to eat EVERYTHING!

Kira, Sergio and Hazel came to the hospital to say hi before they went to church.
As they walked into the room the doctor said they did not have to mask up, he was getting ready to let me go home. Sergio took Kira to church to teach her Young Women lesson and then he and Hazel came back to pick me up.

So, I got to be home for Easter dinner and for this:

These two little girls are so close. They are truly just like sisters.
They have their own little language. They laugh, they fight and
they are the best of friends.
and where one goes the other follows.

What a wonderful Easter Day.

Thanks Kira and family for keeping the traditions going.


Kelley said...

Love the photos... but that last one is priceless!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Glad that you were home for Easter and I also LOVE those photos of the girls!
Take care of you!!!

Darlene Bond said...

The egg hunt looks like so much more fun than spending time in the hospital.

Stop getting sick...PLEASE.

Mindy H. said...

I agree with your sweet sister: You need to spend more time at home where you can blog and less time keeping the doctors and nurses busy. I hope Spring brings better health!