Friday, May 11, 2012

Once Upon A Time....

I was a Blogging Fool!
I think about blogging all the time, but that is far as I go...
Lazy I guess...

So, to share what I have been doing this past month...
I have been addicted to helping indexing the 1940 census.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my mom. Her 70th birthday would have been April 22nd.
On April 25th this was my Facebook Status:
18 years ago at this time I was on my way to Arizona. My Mom had just passed away. I am not sure when the first tears fell...but I know it was later in the day when the reality of what just happen had hit me. My mentor, my hero and my best friend was no longer on this earth...what would I do with out her? How would my 3 small children understand that grandma was gone...the tears flowed freely as not a word was said, just a empty moment. 18 years ago my mom's heart could no longer fight the fight it had been through for 5 years it was tired, and I believe so was my mom.

I miss my heart aches to think of the many times I wished I could just set and talk to her... ask her questions and share her grand children's accomplishments and watch her love on her Great Grand babies...

And as hard as today may be, I am grateful that I had the honor to be her daughter and that I got to call HER..Mom...


Our neighbor's asked if we would watch over their cats while they were out of town.

They had everything the cats would need while they were gone.
Unfortunately, their black kitty broke her leg...let me rephrase that more like SNAPPED her leg.
It was great fun to call my neighbors to tell them and ask what they wanted me to do. If I should have her put to sleep or what...
as you can see she is healthy and very much alive...
and Wenner with her three legs can still out run me,
I have got quite attached to this cat, when I would give her the antibiotic drops she would just lay on her side, and purrrr at me.
I don't know, I am not a cat person...maybe it was cussing me out. heeeheeehee

On a happier note:
Spring arrived!

and I have my two little BUSY girls.
Oh my goodness these two are something else.
I love them soooo much.

So, there...
now you know what I have been doing instead of blogging.

Hope to see you all again soon.

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Kelley said...

Never a dull moment!