Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2nd Heartaversary!

May 14, 2012
I looked out the kitchen window this morning to see my back yard covered in hearts.
It was an Awesome HEART ATTACK from one of my dear friends, Nancy.
I am not sure how many hearts were out there but there were A LOT!

When checking the mailbox I could not believe all the cards and letters.

I will admit I was in tears as I read the many kind words of so many people that have been such a part of my life.  My sweet Kira had sent a facebook invitation to as many as she could to remind them of my anniversary coming up.
I had no idea and was totally caught off guard to what I found. Very touching.

I really do not like to have my picture taken.
I have never thought of myself as very photogenic.
But, I couldn't stop smiling and wanted pictures of this amazing day
 and all the love that I was feeling.

For dinner we had burgers on the grill.

 and this awesome pasta salad.
don't you love the pasta hearts! I found them at World Market when I was in Arizona.

Josh and Ali changed there plans so that they could come out for the evening.
Celes had a busy day and she was ready for bed early.
I can never find the words to say how much I love having my family close by.
Not only am I celebrating 2 years of this amazing heart.
But, also 2 years of having all of my kids living in the states.
After burgers it was time for
With GIANT marshmallows
and what ever flavor chocolates you wanted
on your graham cracker it was an awesome sticky, gooey,
 not so heart healthy treat.
our nephew David with is amazing wife Jenny came over to drop off a "heart"
and were convinced they needed to stay for smores.

 To close the day off.
Kira and Sergio came out with a
Sky Lantern they found it at Toy Town,
It was BIG and beautiful.
It did not take long for it to be up in the sky and crossing the river.
Before long it was completely out of site.
It was so very pretty.
 With a final deliveries of hearts
hugs and "love ya's"
I could only find a few simple words to express how I felt.
Loved and very special.
Thank you everyone.
My heart is so very happy.

My greatest thank you goes to my donor and their family.
Thank you, Thank you.


Lene said...

You are sooooo loved!

Most Happy Girl said...

Congratulations! And many more to come.