Monday, November 17, 2008

Decisions ~ Decisions

Sunday night was a bit stressful...ok maybe stressful isn't the right word but WHAT DO YOU DO when The Wizard or OZ & Sunday Night Football are on at the same time??
I mean the Wizard of OZ is a classic...
who wants to miss Dorothy and her adventures, even if you can quote it word for word!

Now, this is not just ANY football game it is the Cowboys vs the Redskins!!

I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since oh lets long as I can remember. I know who "Dandy" Don Meredith is and Roger Stauback. I fell totally in LOVE with Danny White, maybe because my dad introduced me to him while he was still playing college football in Arizona.
I thought (and still do) Tom Landry was the best coach in the WORLD,
I cried when he was fired and wasn't sure I could love the cowboys anymore...but loyalty to my team took over after watched Troy Aikman play. Yea, they went through ugly, hard QB times but now have Tony Romo trying to fill some big shoes.

So, back to the decision at hand....NO I DO NOT HAVE " T-VO" or anything like that...

Wizard of OZ or the Cowboys....

"Romo celebrated his return with a 25-yard, go-ahead touchdown pass to Bennett in the fourth quarter, and Marion Barber amassed 153 total yards as the Dallas Cowboys surged back into the thick of the NFC playoff chase with a hard-fought 14-10 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday night.
The Cowboys and the Redskins are tied for second place in the NFC East at 6-4 behind the 9-1 New York Giants. Dallas had lost four of its last six games, including a 26-24 decision to Washington in September, and was in danger of having its playoff hopes all but dashed with a loss."

Still a die hard Cowboy Fan...


yea...I have Wizard of OZ on DVD


Mimi Sue said...

You simply must get a dvr it is the best thing ever and worth every penny. We get ours through dish network. Saves lots of arguments and I never have to watch a commercial if I don't want to. I love ours. Mimi

Mindy H. said...

I probably would have gone for Dorthy if I had the same choice to make...but I am not really a football type of gal. I have a magnet on my fridge that kind of sums it all up for me "I don't know much about football, but I know a tight-end when I see one." ;)

I will be DVR-ing Monday night football tonight, however, becuase my NFL-employeed brother will be on the sidelines with his team... the Buffalo Bills. I won't actually watch the game, just him. And the cute quarterback...and the hot running backs...and...I had better stop before a counselor in my branch presidency reads this and calls me in for an interview :)

Lene said...

I think I would have choosen football also -- but go Redskins!
I really can't cheer for any team that has terrill owens on it.

Did you see the cardinals spank the seahawks? who would have thunk?!?

Anonymous said...

Dorothy-There's no place like home---***click heels three times***
My daughter does not like and will not ever like the Wizard of Oz. When I lived in Boston, MA and Keokuk, IA, I always said that-There's no place like home....


Liz said...

Oh, decisions are the worst. I think that you should have watched the football game but also played your DVD of the Wizard of OZ on another TV, wait for it, AT THE SAME TIME!

Anonymous said...

You and my husband are cut from same cloth! He was raised on the Cowboys.

Me...I was raised in a 49ers home, so I'm not allowed to comment on the Cowboys. Besides, I want to keep you as a friend!!!

When William and my dad watch football together, it's a crack up. Especially if it's Dallas and S.F. THen watch out!!!

Sayda said...

You are cute as ever! I was going to say next time I will lend you my DVD, but then I read you had it. What a true fan. Tom Landry was from Mission, Tx. That is the little town right by the one where I grew up. So everyone in the Rio Grande Valley loved him. There are streets named after him in Mission and a football stadium and so on.I liked him too. I was never a fan like you though. Just everyone in Texas was.

Annette said...

I was so stressed out for you until I found out you had the Wizard on DVD. GREAT POST. It had a great plot, build up and suspense and a twist at the end!

Hey I'll come clean some of your messes. It's always easier for me to clean somebody else home than my own.

Thanks for visiting.

Sayda said...

Go to Raspberry Lemonade and vote for the coloring contest. Aubrey really thinks hers should win!

Tell your friends

parkithere said...

Oh My Stars,
Rent the DVD, watch the game and get the popcorn ready for the movie after eating all the other munchies from the game.
Enjoy both!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya,

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh; I LOVE Wizard of Oz. Every time it's on TV, even though I've seen it a trillion times, I must drop everything I'm doing and watch. I'm not big into football; I don't really get it. My dad was trying to explain it to me once, and I was like, huh?