Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Brandi

My oldest niece, Brandi's birthday is YEARS DAY!
I always remember it is coming up
but I do not think I have ever sent her a B-day Card...crazy I know!
so Brandi...
Happy Birthday

Brandi has to be one of the most enduring people I know.
With the challenges that have arrived in the past few years to her physical body, she has a heart and mind that go and go.
My nephews are so lucky to have her for a sister.
My brother, Morris lucked out when he married Brandi's mom, Rhonda
and I was instantly an aunt! Pretty darn cool for me!

Brandi has a fun blog...check it out and wish her happy birthday!


Sandra said...

Thanks for stopping by, your sweet message...stay away from the soup...and for becoming a follower. Hope you come back soon!

Eva Gallant said...

A nice tribute to your niece!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! come back again soon!

Bren's Life said...

Crap - you just reminded me that my mom said today is my Aunts b-day!!
Hope your niece had a great day. She looks so happy & fun...

Pooh said...

Thanks for thinking of me!! The friendship and love are worth more than cards. I love you so much. Hope to see you soon--