Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birds and Seasons

I know I talk about this quite often on my blog, but it really is something I enjoy.

I enjoy the many birds that we get to see during the year...I love watching the sky change to its different colors of blue...and know what birds are getting ready to leave or come.

The Geese and Eagles have been amazing this year...
and I hate to see them get ready to leave.
But, I know that it is getting close...yes there is an eagle setting in the branches

The geese have been hanging around a little longer in the mornings,
as if to rest up for their next big migration.
I love how geese have a "look-out" you have heard of "eagle eyes", well we should also have the saying of "geese ears". The "look-out guy" will start letting out little honks the moment I start opening the balcony door...and before I know it...he will wave his wings and HONK and they are gone.

but secretly, I have to admit...as much as I like the geese, I am ready for the Robins and Pelicans...just because it has been a very LONG winter...I missed summer last year while being in ARGENTINA (southern hemisphere has winter during our summer and yes, it is cold) and I am ready to get warm.


Sandra said...

It would be fun to see those birds in AZ, however we do get cardinal and blue birds for the winter months here. Hope you signed up to win the charm necklace too...I don't enter many give-aways but I thought this necklace was pretty.

Lene said...

I must say the eagles in your backyard are pretty amazing and I can't believe how much ice is gone from the river.

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! Great photos! I agree, I'm ready for spring; but it's snowing here again tonight...we had a foot of it yesterday, and now it's coming down again!

Mindy H. said...

That is a very long time to be in winter's icy grasp! I don't know how you have made it this long! I will start praying for spring this very minute.

And on an unrelated note, congrats on your impending granddaughter! She is going to be one of the most loved grandbabies in the history of grandbabies!

Cynthia said...

We put up a bird feeder this year and the whole family has been riveted by the numbers and kinds of birds (and also by how fast they can empty the feeder!). The other morning we were watching LOTS of birds at the feeder when suddenly they all flew off for no reason- except one fat Dove. The dove finally got the hint and I hollered at the whole family to come and see the bird of prey (some sort of Hawk I think) that had just landed on the pergola next to the feeder.

I never realized how fascinating it is to watch them. I thought my Dad installed the 34 birdhouses at his place so their noise would replace the incessant chatter of his 5 daughters- now I think he just did it 'cause it's fun to watch them.

I LOVE the views of your backyard. My Mom grew up just over the Oregon side of the border and we'd follow the Snake to Grandma's house a few times a year. Always makes me smile and think of some happy times!

Mary Prillwitz said...

Oh my gosh!!! Seeing this post totally made me excited for the reunion this year....I so hope we are able to make it! The one (what was it...7 years ago?) was just so amazing on your property!